Organisation Bridge with Poland established in Tbilisi
 Tbilisi 11:24 - 22.10.11 «GHN»
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On October 22 in the European House the presentation of the Geroigan NGO "Bridge with Poland" will be held. The organisation is a partner organisation of the NGO "Bridge with Georgia".

The "Bridge with Georgia" operates in Poland for three years already. The organisation is called to make popularisation of the Georgian culture. From now on, all the projects will be implemented together with Georgian side.

Specifically for the presentation of new organization to Georgia Polish delegation arrived. The exchange programs implementation is planned in area of education, sport, culture and youth programs. Yearly the theatre festivals will be held. In the frames of theatre festivals polish theatre directors will perform theatre performances.

The active cooperation is planed with the Polish media. In the nearest future for the polish audience the radio programs will be prepared touching the Caucasus region and the human rights issues.

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