Nino Burjanadze: Maybe it was not proper, when we make an illusion that 100-150 people can change the existing regime
 Tbilisi 14:05 - 26.12.09 «GHN»
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One more year passed, which showed that nothing changed in Georgia. But if ever something changed, only to the worse. Politicians are constantly changing its offices from the opposition to the governance offices, form governance to the opposition... Some of them became traitors, some of them renowned the torn MP's mandate. Some are preparing for the elections, some are demanding the primary elections, and some disappeared as if never been in politics... But the bold person in the politics remains Nino Burjanadze as usual non conformist. At least she still keeps this position.

-Naturally it is more convenient to be in power, but you have had to change this position twice... The first attempt accomplished successfully, you had took back the power. But nothing ever known about the second one. Any regrets about this?

- Never regretted. The only regret which I had, that I did not take this decision earlier. However this question may be discussed. What about the first part of your question that the power is a comfortable place, I would disagree. It must to be defined what meaning has a comfortableness itself. If we will consider that during my being in power I had no such terrible problems as I have now - my relatives and friends were not arrested, and my supporters were not openly a subject of repression - then it is so, I was in a comfortable position. But I would like to note that, when I was a Parliamentary Chairwoman, my relatives were still suppressed however not so openly like it takes a place now. What about my inner comfortableness - I am feeling myself much quieter, despite of many troubles and hurdles... It is very important to have an inner comfort. I am free and I am doing what I believe is right and proper and this comfort overbalanced any post. I have the results of my being in the opposition. Despite the political party "Democratic movement" is very young it became a very serious political force. This party has a competitiveness, skills and courage. This is a force of people who will fight to the end and will not change the position. At this stage our goal is the early presidential elections, but not for the needs of our political party but because we believe that the elections are the only way to the salvation of our country. And what is major we are sure that we together with the population of our country will achieve this goal inevitably.


- But, why you did not achieved any results during the protest action in April, when all opposition was united? And what basis for you hopes, when among the "non conformists" you are alone in fact?

- Yes, it is right, but following the situation we are keeping the position of adequacy, but not the radical one. Once I had said jokingly that if only we were radicals, then we should demand the hanging of Saakashvili, in connection what he did with the country. But we are demanding his resignation only. If only we were acting radically the reality may became quite different. But we a re acting adequately. What about the remark that we are left alone, I would disagree with you. We are discussing the plans for the next year with many people; among them are the representatives of the public.

- Are the oppositionists among them?

-I am sure that among the opposition will emerge those people which will actively support us, our position. You asked once why we did not achieve result when the opposition was united. Firstly it is not so easy to fight with such dictatorship regime. Maybe we were wrong indeed when we created an illusion that there is a possibility to break down the regime with the protest rally of 100-150 thousand people. Or with the duration of the protest actions, during a 3 month period. This is not an easy fight and it is natural that it prolonged for a time. But when the power exists which committed many crimes and make suffer a country, we cannot recede and we have to continue to fight. The representatives of the power are aware that in the better case, after its resignation, they will have no chances to move to the opposition, and in the worst case they will be in jail. So, they will fight to the end to keep the power. This makes very difficult our fight, and makes us to narrow the area of our activity. Because we, in contrast to the existing power, care about our country and are trying not to damage it. You said that during the protest actions we were united, but how far were we united, was it a union in fact... I am sure that all opposition parties wished the early presidential elections, but we differ too much in the ways for achieving this result, so we had to make some changes in our decisions.


-Maybe at the New Year's Eve, it is not too pleasant to talk about such themes, but the fact is that the opposition almost lost the sense of self criticism. Some political parties are criticizing the former partners but not themselves.

- It is natural that in the Eve of the New Year everybody wishes to keep a festive mood. Naturally I am not inclined as well to talk about the problems, but they exist. And I am not going to soothe myself that our country, - "Iberia will be prosperous". Yes it will be so but till this we have to fight, to work, to sweat and to shed a tear, but I hope that we need not bloodshed... We have to fight for our country; we have to fight for the democratic, dignified statehood. If all Georgia will stand up, then I am sure we will save the country.

- What do you mean when you talk about the Georgia's standing up? These people were standing on the streets during 3 month, but you admitted that this was not enough...

- During the April protest actions there were many other problems. But if the millions will stand on the streets and demanded principally to change the power, for the power which will care about a minimal and elementary standards of living and relations with other countries, we will have the results. But today we have the other reality; we have to fight not only on the streets. We have to exploit the potential of the dip corp and the international relations. In the international arena the attitude towards Saakashvili is quite different then it was a year ago. Many things changed and nothing improved, the processes are only getting worse.

So we have a moral right for the fight. People must actively participate in the protest actions, but not to be informed about the political processes only over the mass media, TV and press. As well the fight is not only the participation in the protest rallies. When yours neighbor is arrested unfairly, and you are absolutely sure that he is innocent, but the police "detected" at his flat a military equipment, you should to defend this man. You should stand up for such people, do not sign under the falsified documents and falsified evidences. Do not let the police to take him, do not reconcile with the injustice. Do not reconcile with the reality with which it is not to be reconciled!... When your colleague is dismissed only for his oppositional inclination, and for the fact that he attends the political meetings, you should defend his rights... I am aware that many people have domestic demands and material problems, and for its families every cent is very important, but there are the values which are far more important then all these problems. We should not be afraid, as they cannot arrest everybody. They cannot dismiss everybody. There is not a necessity to attend and conduct large rallies. We will achieve the results if we will defend our colleagues and our neighbors and if we will defend the bypassed innocent one's rights.

-You are talking about the activity of people, civilians, but what should change in its activity the oppositional forces? What should do the politicians and political parties?

- The politicians must to define its ways, what they are doing, and explain this to the people. It is necessary to define clearly own views and to implement them consistently. Nowadays it is very important.

- And finally in the past year one interesting fact should be mentioned about you. Yours appearance at the April's protest actions was ambiguously met by people. But you managed to turn the people from the catcall to the applauding. How it was, and was it difficult for you to bear such moral suffering?

-There are no questions which I cannot reply to. I am able to admit own mistakes and to value own positive sides. I am frank and open before my people and my country. At the April's protest actions, among the people who hissed off me, were as well the people who were planted and did it under someone's instructions with the silver catcall... I have the political experience enough to determine who and from were hissed and under whose instructions. I did not pay attention to them. But for me was far more painful that there were the people who did it from the heart. I thought that they have the right to this, they were expected from me far more then I did. They demanded from me far more then from any other politician. I get from the part of the people the pain and disappointment. But I was as well fully frank with them and I talked with them from the heart. At my side was my son, and I had no right to lie, and people understand this. ..

When you are sincere and you are feeling the regret, people can forgive mistakes and let you continue the fight for the fairness.

Elga Poladashvili

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