Statement of the Supervisory Board, Cartu Bank
 Tbilisi 19:23 - 02.11.11 «GHN»
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In response to the NBG statement dated November 1, 2011 the Supervisory Board of Cartu Bank declares that: Cartu Bank is held under politically-motivated pressure, inter alia, by the National Bank of Georgia. The NBG is seeking a pretext, no matter how unjustified, to bring in a temporary administration of theirs.
This is the actual purpose, to which each measure taken by the NBG in relation to Cartu Bank serves since October 18, 2011. So is the "supporting" statement of the NBG, offering us a financial assistance, while they are perfectly aware that presently Cartu Bank does not need any such assistance at all, since the NBG analyzes our financial statements every day.
On the other hand, the NBG deliberately ignores any objective request by Cartu Bank, for the Bank's sustainability needs and moreover, any attempt of rehabilitation of the image and reputation as well as return of the large amount of cash seized illegally.
We believe the Georgian Society will make an adequate conclusion about the NBG position. What can the reasoning be for the NBG not to respond on the facts of politically-motivated pressure on the Bank and its clients? This information has been made public more than once by us as well as the independent media. Now we would like to disclose the fact that the NBG inspectors yesterday demanded detailed personal information (full name, personal ID #, account # and balance thereon) of every person, who expressed their solidarity and moral support by opening accounts with us.
As regards the part of the NBG Statement, saying: "The work of the NBG employees is being deliberately interrupted", this is an attempt to create the above pretext and does not correspond to reality.
Once again, the Bank's Management expresses willful readiness to cooperate with the Central Bank of the Country constructively in full compliance with Georgian Law and International Banking Practice. We guarantee to further create the optimally supportive environment for their inspecting team and confirm that such environment was present to date as well.
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