Tamaz Vashadze: Tbilisi population has chance, not me
 Tbilisi 23:27 - 20.03.10 «GHN»
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Tbilisi City Mayor elections near. At the end of May the city population will decide who will be a Mayor for 4 years period of time. The opposition candidates are not in a hurry to start an elections campaign. The movement Solidarity nominated Tamaz Vashadze as a candidate. In the history of a city Vashadze was already a City Mayor in 1991. HE said it was a very difficult period of time - coup d'état, and the national government was overthrown. He said he is returning now because he wishes to do what he could not do 20 years ago.

-Approximately 20 years ago you were a head of the city. Do you think that people remember this, and will this fact help you in victory?

- Many things could be done in Tbilisi. At that period, at the same time happen an earthquake in Georgia, causing mass destruction in regions. We were oriented to the not allowing the migration from regions.
At that period we initiated the construction of a theater of Musical Comedy. We repaired a Gldani - Nadzaladevi road. In the city was not fixed the only fact of murder or crime.

We were talking with population, not like it happen nowadays, they hate people. One may not to do anything for a person because you cannot do it, but not to listen to people it is a crime. This government did not understand that it is employed by the people, and people are paying money for its salaries. They are obliged to be in a service of the population. All city Mayors who were after me were criticized and many complains against them are. Today they said that Shevardnadze, Burjanadze, Nogaideli and Dzidziguri are politicians, it is shameful to be a politician and to loose territories of the country. No excuse may be for actions of Shevardnadze and Saakashvili.

- You have a considerable experience in being a city Mayor, what else can be a distinguishing about you from others?

- At this road of fight all are with own passed way. It is useless to speculate about future. Because nobody knows what anybody will do in the future. I had passed all stages starting from ordinary worker to the minister and city mayor, I did not missed any stage, as it did others, who jumped from kindergarten straight to the City Mayor post. I believe in common sense of the Tbilisi population they will be wise enough not to sale own country. I have a hand on the pulse of Tbilisi population, and I am able to hear the pulsation. The internal vigor is given only by the God only. This can not be thought.

- What has you program for electorate?

- Firstly - a congested city has to be emptied. The employment opportunities have to be created in the regions to return people to its original places of residence. If we will not do this in about 10 years nobody could help Georgia. We have to build houses for them, to promote its migration, otherwise other nation will take its empties places, this is a simple logic.

- How do you think to do this?

- We have to create new employment places, we have to decide in the scientific level which fabrics are more appropriate to construct in Tbilisi, were people will work, these questions are to be decided by experts. We have to create a coalition government; no City Mayor's from political parties have to be allowed! In our government will work all parties representatives, they have to be all highly professional. There will not be an age limitation pensions will be increased and salaries for teachers will be higher. If only you can see how high is the spending of National Party for the elections campaign one can be shocked! For every 10 people they have a coordinator paid GEL150. I will help as well artists, sportsmen, young people, the special commissions will work under this questions.

- What is in your pre elections campaign?

- I will meet with people in the Tbilisi regions. I will ask them to take part in the elections, to think and to make a right decision.

- What resourses do you have for elections?

- We have very limited financing. We have no money to make billboards. I hope that we still can explain to the population our aims and they will understand us.

- What did you during the 20 years?

- 10 years I was in immigration with accusation in high treason by the Shevardnadze government. Afterwards the government rehabilitated me as a victim of repressions and in 2001 I returned to homeland. The big part of educated people, professors asked me to take part in the Tbilisi City Mayor elections. I agreed I am obliged to return my candidacy, as I can do many important things for my city.

- What can you say about ratings of other candidates?
The ratings of candidates cannot be thrust. Alasania is changing own position every day, how can be rated highly such person? The only rival for me is Ugulava, as he is exploiting the recourses of the government in all directions. He always is on stage and says we have did a water system, we have a road repaired... But a City Mayor has these duties naturally.

- Do you have chances to win with such rival?
- Not I have chances to win but a Tbilisi population has a chance.

- What is your political direction?

- Only Western one. We have to take a direction to a progressive European countries. But at the same time we have to retain normal relations with Russia. It is our neighbor; we have no choice we have to have good relations.

- What can you say about politicians deciding to establish open relations with Russia?
- They made a lustration of own personalities. If only anybody thinks that they will return Abkhazia and S.O by making such steps with Russia, they are mistaken, they are misleading people. Namely Shevardnadze was defrauding people in such way. Saakashvili was lying to people that from 1996 in Georgia economic rise will start. He said that in the second terms of elections Abkahzia will be returned, but in fact we lost one more territory. In Georgia nobody was taken into account for such false. And as well after the coup d'état no person was punished, But contrary they are lecturing - Kitovani, Sigua and others. This fact is cynical one. Such country is not a country. I am returning to reveal all who are guilty.


Inga Bajelidze

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