Protest Rally Initiators to Read Special Address to Public Defender and Justice Minister
 Tbilisi 11:26 - 16.09.12 «GHN»
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On September 16 at 14 o'clock a group of initiators will hold a protest rally in front of the Qvashveti Church in Tbilisi, where a week ago an unidentified criminal or a group of criminals depicted a feminist caricature of St. Nino of Cappadocia, who has preached Christianity in Georgia, with an English-language motto: Free Pussy Riot! Moreover, according to some witnesses, the same caricature was depicted on the wall near the Georgian Patriarchate on Erekle Street. The protest rally initiators will read a special address to the Georgian Public Defender and the Justice Minister.

The vandal activities such as conducting the so-called punk praying by Pussy Riot in the Savior's Church in Moscow, Russia, and sawing Orthodox Churches by Ukrainian extremist feminists of FEMEN have become the issue of sharp discussions all over the world.

Punk praying was conducted in several other Orthodox Churches in European countries in support to Pussy Riot, while FEMEN activities sawed about 10 Orthodox Crosses in several towns and villages of Russia.

The initiators of the protest rally assert all these vandal activities represent open and aggressive attack against the Orthodox Church and its values. The facts of vandalism encroaching on religious rights and beliefs have already inspired civil confrontation between various groups in Russia.

"It is definitely clear the depicting St. Nino's feminist caricature on the wall of Qvashveti Church is an attempt to use the practice of Russian and Ukrainian extremist feminists in Georgia, deliberately abuse religious feelings, Orthodox values and attack sacred things and places. It is not accidental Georgian vandals have selected St. Nino's icon. The depicting of St. Nino in feminist context is directly related to the motto voiced by Pussy Riot activities in Savior's Church in Moscow: "God's Birthgiver, Be Feminist!"

Therefore, we address to you, Georgian Public Defender Mr. Giorgi Tughushi and Georgian Justice Minister Mr. Zurab Adeishvili to provide a respective appraisal of these facts of vandalism and carry out due investigation so as the criminals be brought to account under the legislation to prevent any expected civil confrontation. If these facts are not investigated, vandals may take "bolder" steps such as bursting into churches, sawing crosses and conducting the so-called punk praying like Pussy Riot. In this case all these processes may lead the society to large-scale civil confrontation" the special address reads.


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