Dead President and immortal hope
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Right now it is a time when Georgia and Georgian people should create together the David's Prayer of Repentance. We cannot reach the masterpiece of a Great David, even all together, but we still should try to do this. It is right that we still did not unite; we did not return lost territories Abkhazia and S.O. We did not still give good lessons to our daredevil prince and some gentry. Not we entered the Mosque barefoot and respect our co-citizen's belief. Neither had we interested with the belief of people with different opinion, despite this we are eager to dig in its private life. As well we are not ashamed that Irakli Alasania's vis-à-vis Akhalaia is. And we should trust to the sincerity of both that they have a priority - the European values. As well we do not wish to be responsible for the fact that Kiku (film personage) in comparation with us an angel is, but we are surprised with the sin of Chicholina.

But the main is that some of us are like dead rather than alive.

Bobokhidze, President and Ivanishvili

If we will recall the recent declarations of Bidzina Ivanishvili, if we watch closely, we see that he calls Saakashvili not a "President" but he says: "Mikheil Saakashvili". The former majority leaders and members who are "crazy" about Saakashvili are not happy with such attitude of Prime Minster. The "everlasting" MP Akaki Bobokhidze calls to Bidzina Ivanishvili to say the "President" but not only a Mikheil Saakahsvili. The now minority appellate against such indiscretion of a PM. Nevertheless, Ivanishvili is correct and Saakashvili's supporters who are blind with the shining democracy of its leader cannot notice this. I should explain this - Saakashvili is not a President of Georgia. Not according to the mentality of "criminal authorities" (vorovskoy zakon - this mentality became a rule of Nationals as soon they took a power), neither according to the moral criteria. Moreover he is not a President according to our Georgian men mentality. Yes, Saakahsivli is not a President.

"We managed that during all year we responded to our opponents' rudeness and indignity with dignity... we said many times before and are repeating now that we will treat with our opponents not in such way as they deserve in fact, but in a way our country deserves to act, " - this Bidzina Ivanishvili said. He said this directly to Mikheil Saakashvili openly in public. Possibly we will read in Ivanishvili's memoirs afterwards that he said him in backstage: "I did what I promised to you... You know what you deserve." Misha will admit it never. So, according to the Nationals criminal authority's mentality, Misha met with silence these words of Bidzina and admitted that he is wrong. What Ivanishvili said him tête-à-tête, Saakahsvili did not disclose, he has nothing to reply him. The reason that he did not reply him was not that he is well educated man with good manners. This is not truth, what one can say about his manners, after his behavior with wives of his team members. These women were confused, did not know how to respond to his attempts. We can recall as well the patriotic camps, when he called youth girls and boys to the bushes. Many things may be recalled; who is not an idiot can remember this.

The Georgian people did everything for him. He cannot complain. He was sitting on the golden w.c. pan and making his business over our heads. But still was not satisfied. After all this can we call him our President? His Presidency ended on May 26. When the Rustaveli Avenue was wet with a blood, he met a military parade. At that day ended its morality, and the morality of those people who took decoration orders and were staying behind him. For me this military parade was a political funeral of our Georgian President. Our President died in town Gori and he was bewailed with Kushner. We remember this well. I would apologize before all killed out of hands of this regime in 8 years, but for me there is no a bigger tragedy than a boy who died at the tomb of his mother (I will not write his name for known reasons). I never feel greater pain before, moreover that I never knew this person.

On May 26 Saakahsvili's people raped public manifestation participants in the cinema theatre Rustaveli. They were grouped, brothers and sisters, children and parents and forced to watch this abuse. Among them was one boy whose mother dies, and his father was in a jail with the false accusation in economic crime. After this terrible night this boy managed to make a tolerable future for his little sister. But what about his own future, he goes to the mother's tomb and cut his veins. Father of this boy died in prison after this happening.

What after this case, Mr Tsiklauri, Miminoshvili, Bobokhidze? Should we admit the existence of your monster as a President? This one case is enough for any person with dignity not to call Saakashvili a President. And after this if you will dare to say that you did not know about this case, then tell me why are you in a government if you do not know anything? And now for what you need to climb again, for what you need this heavy cross, which is hanged on yours chest? Maybe it is a time for you to go to the tombs of yours nearest people and listen what they will tell you out of the earth - the elder women, young boy and St. Michael Gabriel. It is a saying that the death has no tolerance and it is not obeying any rules.

On October 1, at the School No 51 at the elections point people were voting nonstop. they had a hope that even a single vote can decide the fate of Saakashvili.

In the Georgian history since XIII century no leader has such a big chance which the country gives you, such opportunity, such a wide international recognition. No leader was so closely identified with Georgia as You was, nobody was so supported by people as You was. And what did You with own people? Now there does not exist anything negative that would not be connected with your name. You destroyed everything, you imagined yourself a Caligula; in your "Senate" were such stupid persons that a horse would look like Einstein to compare with them. The Osvencim fascistic camp became a heaven for your prisoners. What else? You killed the hope; do not you remember that You killed it? But you forget one wisdom - the hope dies the last. But if so, nobody will see the death of a hope, so the hope immortal is. If you cannot feel the result maybe you can see it? Not?

Read the David's Prayer of Repentance Misha!

GHN, Author Gocha Mirtskhulava

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