Presentation of the new method of calculation, crime statistics and quarterly report
 Tbilisi 14:21 - 10.04.13 «GHN»
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Informational-Analytical Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia presented the quarterly report of crime statistics for March, 2013 as well as new method of calculation practiced by the Ministry from January of 2013. Newly implemented method of data calculation was elaborated in accordance with the model, approbated in leading countries of the world.


It is notable that the high level of social safety and security has been maintained in general, while criminal situation is approximately the same as it was in 2010 and quantitatively exceeds to those in 2009 and previous years.


As about the general assessment of criminogenic situation, it is the subject of direct dependence on number of criminologic features, reciprocal influence of subjective and objective factors as well as social - political situation (Ex. unprecedented intensive raising of official malfeasance index according to the specific and many other certain extraordinary indexes -wide scale amnesty, rotation of law enforcement personnel and etc. It should be mentioned that as a result of expected risk factors assessment and preventive measures planned in compliance with perspective prognostication and implemented in operational manner, negative dynamic caused by the amnesty is practically leveled and the negative influence degree regarding general criminal situation is currently minimized.


Differences between the old and new methodologies:


Suspended criminal cases with no difference to the grounds of the suspension were not reflected in the unified system of database before 2013. In the same period the indictment document was the only ground to declare a crime case solved. Though, during that mentioned period the acting registration system lacked the mechanism of recognition of case as revealed without the component of guilt. Consequently in order to prevent unjustified increase of the number of unrevealed cases they were not included into the unified consolidated report form.


Statistic data:


It should be emphasized that in comparison with the similar reporting period of the previous year the indexes of crime revelation is increased from 21,9 to 25,5, while the same indexes for January - March period are increased from 28,8 to 32,7 %. Besides the mentioned it should be pointed out that the last two years were characterized with the criminal elements intensification trend. General number of crimes was increased with 10.6% in January 2012 in comparison with the same reporting period in 2011, this index was 19,5% in February, 4,7% in March and 20,2% in January - March.


Share volume of the suspended crimes i.e. the cases of the category not included in the previous report but already registered in the current consolidated report amounts to approximately 5-6% of the registered data. To compare the same period of the previous year the January - March period of 2013 is characterized with 10, 3% increase.


It should be taken into consideration that direct comparison of the data calculated by means of different methodology during the similar reporting period in 2012, 2011 and 2010 years is not theoretically reasonable and does not provide with definite indication of trends and dynamic.

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