Grigol Vashadze: After that, the greatest threat is not against Ukraine, but against Georgia.
 Tbilisi 20:46 - 22.11.13 «GHN»
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GHN had the interview with the former minister of foreign affairs of Georgia_ Mr.Grigol Vashadze on the situation in Ukraine about signing the Association Agreement with EU and the possible threats for Georgia.

-Mr. Grigol, it is clear, that the political leadership of Ukraine is under the heaviest pressure. After German Chancellor, Angela Merkel declared and addressed Russia to refrain from pressuring against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova the situation became more complicated. How do you see the existing situation and can we consider Ukraine's refusal as Putin's victory and the failure of EU neighborhood policy?
-I can say clearly, that the decision of Ukraine about the termination or suspension of the signing process of the Agreement, I do not know what kind of formulation it has , is the defeat of EU neighborhood policy. This decision made by Ukraine government would threat the future of future generation and country's future development in generalOf course, it can be considered as the victory of Russiabecause it is absolutely unacceptable for Russia not only NATO, but the enlargement of European Union as well.I do not like this word, but, enlargement of EU towards the post-Soviet direction. Russia has reached its aim.
I would also like to say, that in this situation both sides - Ukraine and the European Union have revealed extremely rigid and politically unprepared positions.

-If everything goes OK - I mean, initial and following procedures, it's very much probable that we would find ourselves in the position Ukraine is today It's obvious that the next year Russia will make pressure on Georgia...

Russia has successfully resolved its foreign policy objectives with respect to Ukraine. Let's recall thatthe current administration of Ukraine from the very beginning declared the decision that Ukraine would never join any military or political blocs and organizations. Thus, Russia removed the threat of NATO expansion to Ukraine. And now, by refusal of Ukraine Russia has removed another its "danger" - expansion of EU - I mean, expansion of the European family based on democratic values towards Ukraine,the family, to whom Ukraine belongs by its history, culture and genetically.
After that, the greatest threat is not against Ukraine any more, but against Georgia. For Russia which successfully solved the most urgent task regarding Ukraine - suspension the expansion of NATO and the European Union, the next task will be Georgia, of course. From the Vilnius Summit, to the moment when Georgia and EU should sign extremely important documents - Association Agreement and very deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement - there is very realistic danger for us to become the victims of a series of political intrigues and provocations from Russia.
And I have to say- as unpleasant may be this inflexibility- the European Union, warned us by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė that selective justice for European Union is unacceptable. Our political government, the political elite, should understand that, these are not just the words. As in Ukraine the fate of one person had put under the question mark the region's most important expansion of the two organizations, the same could take place in Georgia as well - to put under the question mark the signing of this document.

- Whether there is likelihood, that EU, taking into consideration this situation, can take an extraordinary step and sign the Association Agreement with Georgia and Moldova in Vilnius Summit and by that, in fact, prevents Russia's future behavior towards these countries?

- No. Let's explain once again- European Union and Brussels have declared their position. They say, for all these to happen you need more to do and achieve, than we have now. You need more international legal documents, you need more democracy, human rights, the balanced government, unprejudiced court and economic perspective - rather than the European Union. That's all we bring, but we bring these with condition, that you share our values. And if Yanukovych has not done something, why should we give more to Georgia? -So, it is absolutely impossible for that to happen.

- What would you suggest in this situation to Georgian government?

- As an ordinary citizen of this country, I urge the government to take into account the fact that we are now in critical condition. No matter how much they say we are perfect and so on, we are in an extremely serious and dangerous condition. Next year, starting from the Vilnius summit to NATO summit and to the deadline of theoretical signing up,- is going to be very difficult in terms of foreign policy for Georgia. Therefore, every statement, every trip, every decision made should be seriously reviewed, studied and analyzed in the framework of international law.
A person who enters in "Georgian Dream", should know, that he has no right to make comments and statements about foreign policy automatically, while it has not been agreed with professionals. Otherwise we will come over even more disastrous results.

GHN, Gocha Mirtskhulava

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