Aereovista Libya Emergency Evacuations
 Tbilisi 12:10 - 08.08.14 «GHN»
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As the situation in Libya unfolds it becomes even more vital to secure safe methods of transportation out of the country. Repatriation, at the best of times, is a difficult process; factoring in emergency evacuations and airports with limited equipment only serves to exasperate the issue. With foreign workers, embassy staff and Libyans with luck on their side fleeing Libya in droves, evacuation efforts are being exhausted. According to the BBC there are tens of thousands of foreign nations still remaining in Libya. There is an urgent need for safe and efficient evacuation solutions.
Aerovista, a UAE based charter and ACMI specialist, has been contracted to provide emergency evacuation operations effective from the 6th of August for bringing foreign nationals to safety. Flying out of the few remaining secure locations in Libya is facilitated by the use of an MD-83 which is ACMI leased by Aerovista from an operator which is well versed in short notice emergency evacuations. The MD-83 is equipped with air stairs making it the ideal choice for operating out of airports with limited equipment or in the case of evacuations. It is with the utmost safety and efficiency in mind that Aerovista operates these emergency evacuations which bring people to safety and their home countries to reunite loved ones.
Aerovista has a well-documented history of operating emergency evacuations. Aerovista has previously operating evacuations flights during the 2001 Afghanistan operations, 2003 Iraqi post war conflict and most recently in 2011 during the Arab Spring. Aerovista draws on past experience and its expertise in charting aircraft for the upcoming evacuation flights. "Our team is proud to be assisting in the emergency evacuations of Libya. This is no small feat and it is an honour that our clients have asked for our assistance." said Dmitriy Koshunov, Aerovista CCO.
The current situation in Libya mirrors what resulted in February of 2011 when clashes between security forces and rebels resulted from the arrest of a human rights campaigner. These clashes, as with the current ones, forced both foreign nationals and Libyans to flee the country by land, sea and air.

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