Two day visit of the director of Mashavi Agency for International Cooperation of Israel in Georgia
 Tbilisi 13:14 - 25.08.14 «GHN»
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The Agency for International Cooperation of Israel - Mashavi was founded in 1957 with the aim to share the technologies and innovations of Israel (that led to the rapid development of Israel) to the developing world, reports GHN
From the day of foundation nearly 270000 participants of 132 countries use Mashavi programs, there was implemented tens of programs in whole world. In last 20 years nearly 700 graduates from Georgia took part in Mashavi courses and consultations dedicated to the development of the issues such as health, education, agriculture, small business.
The Mashavi program is committed to help farmers and agro-experts through trainings and sharing information about modern technologies. Perennial program is implemented with the way of providing local short term consultations in different regions of Georgia (Shida Katrtli, Samegrelo, Kvemo Kartli and Samtsxe Javakheti) with the close cooperation with NEO (USAID), RED(DANIDA/SDC) and the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and Georgian government.
Mr. Cohen - the former ambassador in El Salvador and Belize, together with Iuval Fux will meet the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Otar Danelia, also Kirk Ramer (Chief Party of NEO, New Economic Opportunities (USAID/NE), Luis Faoro REAP (USAID/GEO), the project manager, Rasti Shultz chief of RED (Rural Economic Development) and other international partners and representatives of Israeli agro companies.
Mr. Cohen together he Ambassador of Israel Iuval Fux will attend the closing ceremony of Mashavi course "Modern Technologies in Horticulture". This is important project that was implemented from 2013 along with other activities together with NEO. With the statement of the Ambassador of Israel Iuval Fux more projects will be implemented till the end in 2104 that means that relations with Georgia grow. There is seen growing interest in collaboration with Georgia. it is very important the growth of possibilities of re-training of specialists and Israel can help in this issue that will be profitable for private sector.
In the frame of the visit together with partners there will be discussed the plans for 2015-2016.



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