Civil Registry continues to publish consultation cards
 Tbilisi 17:01 - 27.08.14 GHN
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Civil Registry continues to publish "consultation cards" that will help you to receive information about registering property and business without extra effort, reports GHN.
The theme of consultation card today is "Rule and Terms of Systemic Numeration"
Systemic numeration if implemented in case when: there is no numeration; existed numeration is not logical or not correct and also when addresses/numbers are duplicated. With the initiative of National Agency of Civil Registry it is possible to numerate with Arabic numbers, Georgian ABC or/and indexes of existed buildings and multistory house entrances on streets, prospects (avenues), highways, alleys, embankments, lanes, deadlocks, squares, boulevards that are in the border of Tbilisi administration.
Rule and conditions of systemic numeration: persons who are interested in systemic numeration have to apply territorial service National Agency of Civil Registry or House of Justice.
Documents there are in need for registration:
1) Statement (it is filled on proper electronic program by the operator who receives documents)
2) Copy of ID of interested person
3) Protocol of fellowship meeting about numeration
Systemic numeration is implemented during 30 calendar days without paying service fees from the day of the statement and deadline is last day of the term. If the last day is holiday of weekend the last day of the term is next working day.
Additional information
If interested person wants to participate in registration not personally but though representative, in this case there should be represented properly certified document of representation and copy of ID of the represented person.
Except of the documents listed above there can be demanded other kind of document/information from National Agency of Civil Registry, that is necessary to make decision of demanded issue.

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