Editorial- Carl Bildt to bribe: how informational sabotage is made
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There is big buzz is Russian media: "The Swedish press determined that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt took bribes from Saakashvili," screams informational machine of Kremlin and names Swedish press as a source.
First of all let's determine what and who "Swedish press" is: we mean popular tabloid "Aftonbladet" ("Evening Paper"). It is very popular but it is tabloid anyway, which was founded in 1830 in the epoch of Swedish modernization. But after a lot of water has passed. Today "Aftonbladet" is "yellow press". In 2006 correspondent of the tabloid wrote that "Evening paper" pays more attention to Linde Rusling sexual adventures than to war in Iraq. Great Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman called newspaper as "dirty trash".
But it doesn't mean that everything is lie what "Aftonbladet" writes about. This is important that article about bribery of Carl Bildt was published exactly in this newspaper.
The publication informs that the former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt, at that time when we was not holding any kind of official position and was leading consulting PR -company "Kreab"', the company signed contract with Georgian government about lobbying activity and received several million Euros.
Lobbying is accepted practice in the west. Whether we like it or not there is no sense to talk about that this is "form of corruption", Europeans and Americans think that is the lobbying company acts in the frame of the law it is not considered as crime.
But is not it conflict of interests when lobbyist goes into state office? The western law and practice says: no it is not, because doubts and opinions can't basis for specific charges. You can express your opinion, but single "price" that politician can pay for is disappointment of the electorate and his party's failure if elections.
It means that Calr Bildt was receiving money from Saakashvili at that time when he was leader of the company and continues to support him when he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs; but you have to prove that he was doing it for mercantile considerations as before. If you can't prove it than and if it is only doubt it can be published in tabloid and serious media will not be interested in.
Here naturally arise several questions that are not liked by those who love simple schemes. For example: suppose that Carl Bildt was really receiving money for Misha when he was chairman of Kreab and this is how we can explain his support in later years, also while election-presidential campaign. But the Minister of Foreign Affairs was not supporting personally Saakashvili - he was supporting Georgia while war with Russia and it continued after this too. Ans he was doing it for bribe? This is interpretation of Russian media. They are not interested in controversy of Saakashvili and opposition but are more interested in this geopolitical moment.
Cark Bildt had clearly anti Russian position for example concerning Moldova issue, Ukraine and so forth. And it was made for bribe? "Of course for bribe like it was while 2008 war," insist Russian propagandists. And you don't believe in? Ask to Georgians. And there has begun ride of Georgian "useful idiots" on Russian TV channels.
"Useful idiots" are everywhere, but so many idiots and such kind of nowhere. That's why Russia is always successful in informational sabotages in Georgia.
From sad history of Carl Bildt any western political will make such kind of conclusion that it is better not to have ties with Georgia because you will be involved in dirty deals with the participation of Georgians, and Russian propaganda states: you can see what Georgians say about Carl Bildt. It means that his position in Ukraine is also "corrupted" like in Moldova on the theme of the development of "Eastern partnership" program on the theme of anti Russian sanctions and etc. The main thing is that it is tough to draw a line between interests of the party and country of politician: "very good if Bildt was receiving money to protect Georgia while Russian aggression they say," the absolute majority will say. This support was support of the government too.
Ok, Misha bought Buildt, senator McCain, but bought he whole "White House" and state department with several million dollars? Supported or not him after 2008 presidential elections? There were not announced results when already congratulated with victory. And it was for bribe too? May be because that it was geopolitical interest of America and Europe? These interests are not sold for coins!
As for the art of "Informational sabotage" it is not so tough to implement: the main thing is to have money and to create "informational excuse" somewhere in tabloid. After this you can make buzz based on the tabloid and you reach several aims at the same time.
In case of Georgia this is "achievement" that western elite have to understand: this little and far country is split with internal contradictions. That's why it is better not to touch it not to create the image that you are close to Georgian politicians, because you will be in mud like Buildt.
Finally we need answer from these people who participates in this buzz: do we need lobbying in the west? If we need who will draw the line between interests of the country and party? If we don't need lobbying and if the transferring money to lobbying companies is crime how can we fight with Russian propaganda in the west, when Kremlin spends billions to create desired stereotypes in Euro-Atlantic establishment?
There are no answers on these questions. Though how can we talk about answers when there are no questions too, and while looking at ride of Georgian "useful idiots" in Russian media you doubts grow that really nothing can help this country.
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