National Geographic writes about Svaneti
 Tbilisi 14:18 - 17.09.14 «GHN»
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National Geographic focuses on Georgia again. One of the most popular English language journal publishes article about Svaneti "Medieval Mountain Hideaway". Together with article there is published photo collage. National Geographic describes everyday life, traditions, living places and oldest towers of Svaneti: "Oldest Empires Arabs, Mongols, Persians, Ottomans were sending armies to conquer Georgia that is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia, but Svaneti was never conquered before 19th century because this corner of the country is surrounded by mountains and gorges and is hidden. Only in 19th century Russians managed to establish control over the region, reports GHN.
Isolation gave Svaneti its identity and historical importance. While invasions in different corners of Georgia Georgians used to hide icons, manuscripts, precious items in Svaneti churches and towers. Svaneti became repository of oldest Georgian culture. Svans performed this function strictly. The thief of the icon was exiled from community. With strong life style Svans maintained oldest culture. With the information of Greek geographer Strabon Svans are brave, fierce warriors. As Strabon said Svans use sheep leather to gain gold and may be based exactly on this information Jason came to Coltheti together with Argonauts to gain Golden Fleece. The Christianity was spread in Svaneti in 6th century. Svans have own language, community law, multiform music and they have knightly code.
While seeing Svanetian villages makes special impression several hundreds of Svanetian towers that are mostly built in 9-13th centuries. These towers are not symbol of lost civilization; this is example of the culture that could stand centuries. The villages of upper Svaneti are most isolated part of Caucasus. As Norwegian academician describes Svaneti is live ethnographic museum..."
"In 1996 the village Ushguli entered the list of world cultural heritage in UNESCO. In Ushguli winding road often used to happen robbery and you should be brave to visit it. From 2004 the security forces have begun to neutralize armed groups. Today the government of Georgia begins to impellent new plan here that means developing tourism in region."

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