A Family Affair - The Close-Knit World of Georgian Filmmaking Emerges From Obscurity
 Tbilisi 17:09 - 01.10.14 «GHN»
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The Wall Street Journal discusses the retrospective of Georgian films in USA; there are expressed opinions and comments about it (author - Christian Jones), reports GHN.
"The story of Georgian cinema stretches back more than a century and is filled with remarkable achievements, from silent films featuring stunning landscapes and dynamic editing to subtle anti-Soviet critiques and startlingly inventive poetic narratives. Georgia's independent-minded filmmakers have often drawn on a rich culture, at once ancient and avant-garde, that includes art, polyphonic music, theater and dance. It's an aesthetically diverse but often daring cinema that has been internationally acclaimed, and yet some of its filmmakers have been underappreciated and many films have long been unavailable," reads an article.
There is marked that retrospective of Georgia films is most big and long lasting that was ever held in USA: the events takes place in New York (in Modern Art Museum), in California (Berkley Art Museum) and in other centers of art. The retrospective is divided into two parts: "Family Films" and "Beyond of Blue Mountains." The first part includes films made by dynasties of Georgian filmmakers and artists (Chiaurelis, Shemgelaias), the second part is compilation masterpieces of talented and famous filmmakers.
In an article there is described films "Eliso," Magdna's Donkey", "Firosmani," "Repentance", "Blue Mountains or Unbelievable Story" and etc.

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