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"Style is a human" there was said in 18th century. It is tough to say if George Buffon, French naturalist and scientist fully used to realize that this expression was genial when he said it when he was chosen in "immortal's academy" of France in 1763. We can say that: in the thinking of the humanity there are no expressions that are so prophetic and at the same time popular during the centuries. May the semantic of French language create this sense and it seems nothing changes if we say: "Human is its style." It means in whole sense from actions including appearance and imagine till the foolish details such as clothes. Oh, ordinary Georgian will never understand what it means style of our friend and partner America. But right now we talk not about the details of American style, that on the knot of the tie on the shirt shouldn't be buttons and there is no American senator who will make such kind of "mistake", but we are talking about important details that was turned into adventure of Irakli Alasania last week ("What can I do...") and that "explains" important traits of American style.
We remind: while the visit of Chack Hagel in Georgia on one of the (in French tete-a-tete) closed behind of door meeting our Minister of Defense expressed the idea to create in Georgia training base for training anti Islamic and "anti-basharist" hit men. It mean the training of those who fight against the Islamic State (it means for "Islamic front" and what kind of difference is between only Muhammad knows) and at the same time tries to make subversion of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, that is strongly supported by Russia not to allow big gas pipeline to connect Qatar and Europe. It is tough to say why Irakli Alasanis offered this. May be the offer was an answer of the demand of Chack Hagel Georgia to participate in land operations too. Irakli Alasania knows that the patience of Georgian society has limits, and in the terms when we are not given MAP and there are no other military-political guarantees too, sending our hundreds and thousands young people together with Islamist fanatics (if we say on folk language "together with those mad people") would be too much and no one will agree with in Georgia. That's why is was offered as compromise: "it will be tough to explain to the society why we have to send in hell our boys, that's why maybe we can train hit men here."

Let's return to the style: after several hours after "tete-a-tete" conversation the subject of the confidential negotiation of Hagel and Alasania was already known to the edition "Foreign Policy." That's why they called in Washington to the ambassador of Georgia who nearly confirmed it(as he didn't know what to say and was afraid of to miss the "general line"), and after this when he was said from Tbilisi - "there is no decision made about this and it is even ruled out) he denied categorically. And here was expressed the style, that is the trait of the country too not only trait of human.
Let's simply ask: how can you inform about confidential conversation that is held behind closed doors to the journalists like it is nothing? What kind of rule it is? And this is their rule!!!
When Irakli Alasania was offering this "compromise (as he couldn't say no), he was offering for reflection and for future negotiations, but he couldn't imagine that American side would say it to whole world.
It was the same when in 2005 Georgian special services informed American colleagues: "on the Freedom Square when George Bush was delivering speech we found out grenade," they couldn't imagine that Americans would inform about to the media and would make Russian press feel joy about: "President Bush greeted Georgians with "Hello" and Georgian threw grenade in answer!"- described the program "Vremia."
I repeat, this is style that talks about many things.
Naturally it is possible here, but it is doubtful that they can to it with Russians and to inform about confidential conversation to whole world, but they know that Minister of Defense of poor Georgia wouldn't say: "If I would want to say about to everyone I would say it on public press conference, but as I said it behind the closed door it means that I didn't want the information to be spread."
How could the journalist of "Foreign Policy" know about? Of course from Chack Hagel who ordered to assistant; "if we have some media resource to please to give this exclusive to it."
- "And what about Georgians?"
- "I just need it and I don't care if I will create discomfort for them."
This is America and its style! That why you have to be clever enough to take this into account while relating with them. Besides you have worked during years in America and it seems you have to know with whom you relate.
And what we've got: looking at "American Style" Irakli Alasania occurred in tough situation - he is obliged to deny the initiative categorically and to confirm that "Irakli" hadn't agreed the subject not with Garibashvili and not with Ivanishvili.
And what was in the offer of Alasania unexpected for Americans? As Bin Laden was trained at that time and equipped, the same they are doing with thousands of bandits in the camps if Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries - but they have to fight against "The Islamic State" and Bashar Asad. Here they consider Georgia too. They perceive our country as part of "big middle east, as Bush said it with the
"naive immediacy" on May 10 of 2005, while delivering speech on Freedom Square, when he called so called "Rose Revolution" not as a example of transformation of post soviet space (as our "western boys" wanted), but as example of "Arabian spring." Read that speech and you will know about.
This is part of the "style" too: "I will buy you cheaply and will sell at high price." And when that big bear will hit you, I will press "restart" red button together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
Pay attention to one more nuance: after denial of desperate Archil Gegeshidze "Foreign Policy" wrote: "they deny because of the reaction of the society."
I doubt that this is analysis of that journalist. As it seems they received protest letter from the embassy of Georgia, after this journalist or editor in chief called the same source (in the surrounding of Chack Hagel), who gave the first information and they explained: "don't pay attention, Georgians deny because the idea is not popular." This is one more illustration how "pragmatic" ally we have and how it takes into account interests of its customers on Olympus of Georgia politics.
And finally: closest co-fighter of Burjanadze, Irakli Batiashvili supported the idea. But it is very clear that camps and bases of the territory of Georgia will not be welcomed by Moscow. In a contrary it will be considered as provocative and hostile move and will use it in near future to renew "informational war" against Georgia, as it was using "Pankisi gorge" before.
Interesting if Burganadze agrees with the idea that Moscow seems indifferent towards the creation of bases where there will be trained mad hit men (who are not different from Islamist hit men) to fight against Mashar Asad and Islamic State?
It is tough to say as Nino Burjanadze keeps silent about this subject. That's why her position is not known like this woman who supports "pragmatic politics towards Russia" is big political misunderstanding.

Newspaper "Premier", Mikheil Getsadze




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