The President of Georgia met representatives of member companies of American Chamber of Commerce
 Tbilisi 16:35 - 07.10.14 «GHN»
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The President of Georgia met representatives of member companies of American Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was held in the format of official dinner and was attended by nearly 100 businessmen, reports GHN.
The President of the country delivered a speech and talked about the tendencies of economic development of the country, about challenges, economic and political relations between Georgia and Russia and results of NATO Wales Summit. Giorgi Margvelashvili was represented to the society by the President of American Chamber of Commerce and thanked him for participation in dialogue.
As the President of Georgia stated that recent challenges can be accepted only by the economic development. Giorgi Margvelashvili is sure that Georgia can reach the standards of European Union.
As for the making business in Georgia as the President said the country is free for investors and this is profitable for everyone, among them taking into account there is no corruption and everyone can use simplified services.
While delivering speech the President of the country talked about those economic projects that were begun by the previous government and in this context paid special attention to Baku-Tbilisi-Karsi railway project and the function of Georgia as logistic center.
Margvelashvili also talked about regional security issue and explained that implementation of more projects in energy sector will strengthen security of region.
The meeting continued in the regime of question-answer. Businessmen had opportunity to ask questions about issues that were important for them.
"The President paid special attention about investment possibilities of the country, about new reality then country has after coming into action agreement about Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Also the President talked about economic situation, tendency and advantages of Georgia. The President talked about important regional projects that will help to grow importance of Georgia, on another hand will support more tight communication and more integration of Georgia with neighbor countries. At the same time the President talked about investment attractiveness of Georgia -the country with one of the most liberal trade regime. It is natural that Georgia is open for investors and on every meeting with businessmen, investors President always talks about," stated Giorgi Abashishvili.
The event was attended by the ambassador of USA Richard Norland who at the same time is the President of American Chamber of Commerce.
American Chamber of Commerce was created in Georgia 15 years ago and unites more than 160 Georgian, American and International companies and investors.

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