Kakha Bendukidze: or you will clean up the house, or Ukraine will not exist
 Tbilisi 17:02 - 10.10.14 GHN
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"Ideologist of Georgia reforms," estimates journal "Novoe Vremia" the contribution of Kakha Bendukidze towards Georgian economics.
GHN offers extract from interview:
Question: what is the common in the ways of reforms of Ukraine and Georgia?
Kakha Bendukidze: in 2004 we have begun reforms, Georgian economical condition was not so poor like it is in Ukraine right now. Yes we did have problems. Ukraine has the same problems, however of course there are specific Ukrainian problems too. That's why I would like reforms to start as soon as possible, otherwise Ukraine has no future.
The similar between reforms of Ukraine and Georgia is that we, like you experienced aggression from Russia. This aggression has specific traits, that was noticed first in Georgia and then in Ukraine. For example "green little men" in Crimea. When they appeared I remembered how has begun escalation of conflict in South Ossetia in 2008: there was acting third side - people of strange origin who were killing someone... at the same time they were shooting Russian so called peacekeepers. So there is much in common between Georgia and Ukraine. Also there is undeclared war that is real war that is going on using any kind of weapon. This is disaster that we share. We have to fight against together not using weapon but changing world politics. These changes should be directed for the internal conversion of Russia it to give up occupied territories."

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