In Tbilisi there is opened Auto Museum
 Tbilisi 16:05 - 26.10.14 «GHN»
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In Tbilisi there is opened Auto Museum. The presentation was attended by the chairman of Tbilisi Municipality Giorgi Alibegashili and deputies of assembly, also mayor of Tbilisi Municipality Davit Narmania. The author of the idea is the founder of the museum and private collector, Georgia businessman Giorgi Mamulashvili who represented to the spectator 25 rarity cars, reports GHN.
Spectator will have possibility to see "Zil-115," "Gaz-014", "Gaz-22", "Gaz-12", "Jiguli -01,"Jiguli 03", "Zaz -965" and other cars. The spectators will be offered also interesting stories. For example "Zil -115" is unique armored car that was caring politburo members, that's why it is also called "member-carrier". There are only 106 cars of this model in Soviet Union - exhibit of Giorgi Mamulashvili auto museum is number 102.
As the representative of the museum stated that income will be spent on museum. Auto museum plans many novelties in future.
"On the territory of the museum will be opened café, there will be represented retro trolleybus. Also we will have service - we will offer repairing of own retro cars," states the representative of the museum.
Giorgi Mamulashvili was collecting cars represented in museum during 17 years, we repairing them and these cars now are exhibited in museum.
It must be said that the street without name where is located the building of the museum with the initiative of assembly of Tbilisi Municipality and chairman of assembly will be named after auto museum; the document confirming the decision was handed to Giorgi Alibegashvili.
On the opening of the museum Giorgi Alibegashvili and mayor Davit Narmania were given the rank of honorary guards of the museum.
The founder of the museum Giorgi Mamulashvili thanked assembly of Tbilisi Municipality for support.
"I thank to the Tbilisi assembly for support to the opening of the museum, also for the naming the street where museum is located after auto museum," stated Giorgi Mamulashvili.
The chairman of Tbilisi Municipality marked that it is good that such kind of museum was opened. Also Giorgi Alibegashvili thanked the member of assembly Shalva Ogbaidze for the idea of giving to the street the name of auto museum.
"There is merit of assembly in the case that with the idea of Mr.Salva the street was named after the auto museum. Today is second day of Tbilisoba and our citizens Gia Mamulashvili and Shalva Obgaidze were given such kind of beautiful day. We are happy that we see so many people that love cars. I advice those who is interested in history of cars to come here, you can see those cars from 1934 till today that was ever brought in Georgia. I mean cars of Soviet era however there are also old "Mercedes," BMW" and many other cars. I advice to everyone to come and see auto museum," -stated Giorgi Alibegashvili.


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