Mikheil Saakashvili: it broke my heart when in the World Bank`s annual ranking the positions of Georgia get worse twice
 Tbilisi 17:14 - 29.10.14 «GHN»
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Ex President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili responds in social net to the deterioration of positions of Georgia in World Bank's annual ranking and states that there is necessary to act immediately to avoid hard results, reports GHN.
"During 9 years of my presidency Georgia in World Bank's annual rating from 127th place moved to 8th place. There is no country with such kind of progress is such kind of short period and that's why Georgia was recognized by World Bank as number 1st reformer between 200 countries of the world. I was proud of with this result that brought to Georgia many investments and created more perspectives for future.
It broke my heart when in the World Bank's annual ranking of the positions of Georgia get worse twice and the country moved from 8th position to 15th position. According to this rating there is no country which improved its positions during last 9 years this way and there is no country the positions of which get worse in one year after my presidency as Georgia did. We have bad results in the world corruption rating too due to Transparency International, however before we were improving situation every year. This is the result of immature steps. Moreover last year on Davos Economic Forum Ivanishvili stated that the ratings of World Bank was the result of "lies of Saakashvili" and as he said it deserved big applauses of Russians. This year the government of Georgia will be represented in Davos again with worse indicator. Unfortunately Georgian people have to pay for because these indicators will worsen economic situation and will harm our perspective.
There is need to act immediately to avoid hard results," stated Saakashvili.
We remind that Georgia by the indicator of easy ways of doing business ranked 15th among 189 countries.
• Doing Business (DB) 2015: Ease of Doing Business category taken place: 15
• The 2014 Doing Business Survey (DB2014): after changes in methodology 2014 data as a result of the re-calculation, Ease of Doing Business category taken place: 14
• The 2015 Doing Business Survey (DB 2015): "The distance to the border" (point): 79.46
• The 2014 Doing Business Survey (DB2014): "The distance to the border" received as result of re-calculation, point: 79.61; improvement: -0.15
After 2005 Georgia implemented the most of the reforms (36) in the region, which is after Ruanda the biggest indicator of the reforms in the world. After this comes Macedonia with 34 reforms.
In the 2015 Doing Business Survey Georgia doesn't have significant changes in comparison to the same report of 2014.

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