Scandal in Tbilisi: Russia persuades Georgia to enter Eurasian Union?
 Tbilisi 11:42 - 30.10.14 «GHN»
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The President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili one more time expressed readiness to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimer Putin, at the same time he made sensational statement; according to this statement Russia makes pressure on Georgia to enter Eurasian Union, writes edition "Lragiri", reports GHN.
Right now in Georgia there are heated discussions around new agreement project of Russia-Abkhazia. If Abkhazia will agree on Russian proposal and will sign document in this case it practically will be the member of Russian Federation. Abkhazia expresses negative attitude towards this perspective. On the other hand Russia is actively working with the government of Sukhumi and tries to persuade to refuse on "independency".
While analyzing the situation it is getting clear that Russia more needs to have this republic in Eurasian Union than it to be part of Russian Federation. More concretely while persuading Abkhazia to enter Eurasian Union at the same time Moscow makes pressure on Georgia: if you will not enter you have to know that Abkhazia will.
As it seems this is expression of "Know-how" of Russian politics that aims to "solve post soviet conflicts". . Moscow offers the same to Yerevan and Baku to solve problem of Nagorno-Karabakh...
It seems it is fantastic idea right? But if we consider the fear of post soviet republic towards Kremlin this is real. Accordingly in Caucasian states loyal people to independency and sovereignty are concerned with this perspective and the President of Georgia stated about. West is concerned too and the statement of the ambassador of Switzerland confirms it. National Security Council of Georgia also discussed this issue that was attended by the President and Prime Minister. It must be parked that Russia was trying to set disagreement between Margvelashvili and Garibashvili and was near to the crisis of the government but Kremlin couldn't realize its plan. It is confirmed by the statements of the President and Prime Minister about coordinated actions. What Armenia will answer on the same proposal of Kremlin?

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