Alik Eroiants: Moscow tries to increase its influence in Georgia
 Tbilisi 11:54 - 11.11.14 «GHN»
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Armenian edition "Lragiri" published interview with Armenian Alik Eroiants who talks about relations between Georgia and Armenia and about geopolitical threats.
GHN offers short version of interview.
Question: According to materials published in Russian media in the project of Russia-Abkhazia and Russia-South Ossetia is considered that in case of destabilization in Georgia Russia can reach the border of Armenia with the motive to protect population of Georgia. Is it possible and is it directed against relations of Armenia and Georgia?
Alik Eroiants: "Such kind of picture is exaggerated. If even Russia has such kind of task it is very tough to realize it, because it touches not only Moscow, Tbilisi and Yerevan but whole region. Of course the situation can be changed in the future - considering Euro Atlantic integration of Georgia Russia can increase pressure but capturing Georgian territories is not real. It is not depended only on the wish of Russia because there are factors of US and European Union that play role in this issue.
Some people can remind about August 2008 and say that Russia invaded Georgia, but today it is not real. It is different case that Moscow tries to increase its influence in Georgia. While the Presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili Tbilisi was against Vladimer Putin, but new government has multi vector and balanced politics: on one hand it continues the course of Saakashvili to the west and on other hand it tries to make relations with Russia better. Such kind of politics serves interests of Georgia because the west advices Tbilisi to solve relations with Russia too."
Question: Georgia is striving to join European Union, Armenia agreed to join Eurasian Union. Will it create problems in relations between Georgia and Armenia?
Alik Eroiants: European Union and also Eurasian Union in relations with Georgia is not connected with Armenia issue. There can be problems in economic relations but high level ties between Tbilisi and Yerevan will make these risks neutral. I don't think that Russia wants to make tensed relations between Georgia and Armenia; it can be only beneficial for Turkey and Azerbaijan. I want to say that while implementing balanced politics by the government of Georgia Tbilisi also notices that influence of Turkey and Azerbaijan grows in Georgia, however they understand also that such kind of situation will create problems. That's why Georgia will maintain good relations with Armenia.
Question: There is political crisis in Georgia: those who left ruling coalition say that the government puts European way under the question. Brussels and Washington also agrees with. Do you think the same?
Alik Eroiants: The impression that Georgia seems changed its European course and turned to Eurasian is exaggerated, however the political processes in Georgia confirms that the processes will be more slow. It is underlined not only by Washington and Brussels but also by Tbilisian officials including the President. This is result of the politics of Bidzina Ivanishvili who stated that this is necessity to solve relations with Russia. This thesis is confirmed with the fact that Irakli Alasania was dismissed exactly with this context. He was with official visit in Europe and without agreement with the Premier was negotiating about purchase of arms with France and Germany. May be it was the reason of dismissal of Irakli Alasania. The leader of "Free Democrats" was leading independent politics without agreement with the Prime Minister. The same we can say about the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Maia Panjikidze. It is clear that the situation is tough, there is intergovernmental disagreement. But I can't say that in Georgia there is political crisis. Yes, some Ministers resign but others will be appointed and it means that the government controls the situation.
Question: The party of Mikheil Saakshvili expressed readiness to relate with Irakli Alasania under the "name of European course," however "Free Democrats" are not hurry to make agreement on. Is it possible to strengthen the opposition and to hold early elections?
Alik Eroiants: "After dismissal of the Ministers in the government there raised issue to maintain Parliamentarian majority, however soon it became clear that majority will not turn into minority - there are other parties in coalition. If Republicans and "Free Democrats" will join National Movement crisis will be more complicated. Many things are depended on "Georgian Dream" - what kind of steps it will make in the future."


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