Saakashvili: psychological turn of Europe towards Georgia happens
13.12.11 | 11:43 929
"The main thing that happened this year is the psychological turn of Europe towards Georgia. When we unfurled the EU flag in 2004, some people laughed at us, some found it unbelievable, they thought that were fantasies. We want to build the European democracy in Georgia. In those times we did not even dream that Georgia would be able to enter the EU, the Europeans said then that geographically this country was not Europe, that it was completely other development, other space, other area of influence", the president said.


Grigory Karasin: after August 2008 war new situation emerged
13.12.11 | 11:34 951
Karasin, who is Russia's chief negotiator in the Geneva talks, launched after the August, 2008 war, said that "new situation" on the ground had emerged and no one could escape from that reality. "Only the war can be an alternative to the negotiating process, which is taking into account new political-legal relations in the region," Karasin said.
White House talks about necessity of democracy improvement in Russian Federation
13.12.11 | 11:22 1573
Washington in connection with protest actions in Russia made statements. Jey Karney, Official representative of White House said the protest actions in Russia reflect a democracy development in Russia.
Goka Gabashvili: Ivanishvilis vision was not open before his appearance in politics
12.12.11 | 18:29 999
The parliamentary majority asserts that Bidzina Ivanishvili's political vision was totally unknown before his appearance in politics. Goka Gabashvili underlined this today.
After Ivanishvilis political party will be shaped we can make estimations of it - Christian-Democrates
12.12.11 | 17:58 848

Christian-Democrats' leader Giorgi Targamadze said that at this moment it would be inappropriate if he will make any estimations of the public movement - NGO "Georgian Dream".
Davit Bakradze invited to Israel with official visit
12.12.11 | 17:20 921
Davit Bakradze is invited to Israel with official visit. This information was disseminated after Bakradze met with Itskhak Gerberg, Israeli Ambassador Plenipotentiary in Georgia.


Georgia to demand to sign agreement on non use of force
12.12.11 | 16:45 940
The next one 18-th round of negotiations for stability in Caucasus will be conducted on December 14 in Geneva. The Ossetia side informs that they and Abkhazian side will demand an agreement on non violence. Notwithstanding this the Georgian party will demand from Russian Federation to fulfill obligations on non use of force, GHN reports
MFA: 18th OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting in Vilnius
12.12.11 | 16:32 716

The 18th Meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council was conducted on 6 and 7 December 2011, in Vilnius. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Gregory Vashadze, headed the Delegation of Georgia.
Chabua Amirejibi disseminates statement in connection with the establishing of Georgian Dream
12.12.11 | 15:54 855
Chabua Amirejibi, monk Davit, in connection with the public movement Georgian Dream establishing, disseminates the statement. He said that this public movement will win elections.
At Georgian-Russian border physical persons to perform cargo monitoring
12.12.11 | 13:05 1364
The trade turnover at the Russian-Georgian border in Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia will be performed in electronic data exchange form and also physically, Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister said today at the traditional briefing in MFA, GHN reports.
In Brussels Georgia-EU free trade negotiations opening to be announced
12.12.11 | 10:47 1543

Today on December 12, Nika Gilauri, Georgian Prime Minister will meet with Jose Manuel Barroso, President of European

Ivanishvili addressed to public at inaugural assembly of Georigan Dream
12.12.11 | 09:50 888
In his 18-minute long speech at the assembly, Ivanishvili slammed the authorities' policies and said that his movement would invite "experienced specialists" to create issue-based working groups to develop concepts for justice and law, human rights, economy, agriculture, foreign policy, national minorities, regional policy, conflict issues, local self-governance, culture and sports.
Street ptotest actions end in S.O.
12.12.11 | 09:40 931
An agreement between opposition leader Alla Jioyeva and ex-leader of breakaway South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity was on the verge of collapse after Jioyeva, angered by Kokoity's last-minute appointments, threatened late on Saturday to withdraw from the deal and continue street protests
Giga Bokeria: Ivanishvili wishes to return Georgia back to Russian orbit
10.12.11 | 19:32 1896

Giga Bokeria, Security chief said Bidzina Ivanishvili wishes to return Georgia back to the Russia's orbit. The Frankfurter Allgemeine informs.
Mamuka Areshidze: Kokoity will be in Moscow till Russia will not use him again
10.12.11 | 17:53 1111
I privately was not surprised with the declaration of Kokoity's resignation. Seems like he will go, and looks like he got guaranties form Moscow that will be secure with his money, "- Mamuka Areshidze said to the news agency GHN.
Ramaz Sakvarelidze: government-loyal politicians to continue to shift to Ivanishvilis side
10.12.11 | 16:43 1298
On December 8 the IRI social survey made public, according to which a rating of governmental team and Ivanishvili are almost equal. GHN interviewed Ramaz Sakvarelidze on this question.
BBC: Moscow braced for fresh protests
10.12.11 | 12:21 968
Moscow is braced for what the opposition claims will be the biggest demonstration in Russia for 20 years. Tens of thousands are expected to gather in a square south of the Kremlin, in the latest show of anger over disputed parliamentary polls.Smaller rallies are taking place in cities across the country.
Eduard Kokoity resigns
10.12.11 | 11:47 1047
The so-called South Ossetia governemtn and the opposition agreed with each other before the end of confrontation. The Russian media dissiminated this information.
Over 100 000 people to protest faked elections in Russia
10.12.11 | 11:22 1176

Today on December 10 in Moscow a large scale protest rally is planned. The protest action is legally authorized by government. 30 thousand people have a right to attend it.

Eduard Kokoity: we will not allow parallel governmental bodies
09.12.11 | 20:56 997
Eduard Kokoity, leader of Ossetia secessionists said that he will not allow establishing in South Ossetia  parallel governmental bodies, GHN reports.

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