Guram Chakhvadze: in Georgia ruling economic team incompetent
09.12.11 | 20:45 1092
Guram Chakhvadze, member of the National-Democratic party said that the ruling economic team in Georgia incompetent is.
Peter Tsiskarishvili: criticism against Education Minister is not fair
09.12.11 | 18:49 1246
Peter Tsiskarishvili, leader of majority said the criticism expressed by opposition against Dmitri Shashkin Education Minister is unfair, as he is doing his utmost for education system build up.
Ruling party offers amendements to electoral code
09.12.11 | 18:00 866
The ruling party plans to amend a draft of the electoral code to reflect in it some of the Venice Commission's recommendations unveiled by this legal advisory body of the Council of Europe earlier this month.
Alla Jioeva: pressure increased against opposition
09.12.11 | 17:45 1326
So-called South Ossetia opposition leader Alla Jioeva said that the government day-to-day increases a pressure over opposition.
Moscow in expectation of protest rally
09.12.11 | 17:29 1098
In Russia after the unfair elections to Duma unrest continues. The protestors were rallying in Petersburg last night, where the militia officers blocked up the road and arrested about 30 people, most of them are minors. The protestors had bound white tapes on their hands as the symbol of the opposition movement.


Grigol Washadze met with Italian colleague
09.12.11 | 14:37 969
Being with official visit in Brussels Georgian Foreign Minster Grigol Washadze conducts meetings with high rank officials. He met with Julio Tercist, Italian Foreign Minster. They discussed last events in Russian Federation and
Mikhail Machavariani: 2012 budget oriented for social needs
09.12.11 | 14:26 1240
Mikhail Machavariani, vice-Spokesperson said the 2012 state budget is oriented to the overcoming of social problems.
Anikashvili met with Swedish healthcare Minister
09.12.11 | 13:57 2539

Magda Anikashvili, one of the leaders of the Christian-Democrats met with Sweden Healthcare Minister Maria Lasari, in Marcel. Parties discussed the three year cooperation plan.
Zurab Jzvania would turn today 48
09.12.11 | 12:19 1180

Today on Decemober 9, Zurab Jzvania, ex-Prime Minister of Georgia would turn 48. He was born in 1963 on December 9 in Tbilisi. In 1985 after the graduation of University he established the ecological association, on the basis of which the political movement "Georigan Greens" was established in 1988. He was a first chair of this organisaiton.

Davit Bakradze appointed as envoy to Greece
09.12.11 | 12:08 1251

Georgia will appoint new Ambassadors to Greece and Romania. Ilia Giogradze, appointed as an Envoy Plenipotentiary to Romania. To Greece Davit Bakradze is appointed.

BBC: EU treaties change to tackle the eurozone crisis have failed
09.12.11 | 10:52 1070

Attempts to get all 27 EU states to back changes to the bloc's treaties to tackle the eurozone crisis have failed.
Speaking after long talks in Brussels, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the 17 eurozone states and others would work on a separate pact instead
US Senate move to push NATO membership for Georgia fails
09.12.11 | 10:32 1288
An effort by a U.S. senator to make a renewed push for Georgian membership in NATO has been foiled.
Grigol Washadze met with Hillary Clinton
08.12.11 | 20:53 1234
Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Washadze met with Hillary Clinton, USA State Secretary. She invited the Georgian delegation alongside with the NATO-Russian Council sitting.
Lavrov: Russia is afraid that Georgia’s membership to NATO will repeat the 2008 war
08.12.11 | 18:29 1203
Russia is afraid entering of Georgian Republic to NATO will push Georgian authorities to repeat the 2008 war, GHN reports.
Opening of polling stations on occupied territories condemned by PACE co-rapporteurs for Georgia
08.12.11 | 15:32 1179
Kastriot Islami (Albania, SOC) and Michael Aastrup Jensen (Denmark, ALDE), the co-rapporteurs for Georgia of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe expressed today their concern at the presence of Russian polling stations in the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Gilauri: Public will clearly see the results of healthcare reform
08.12.11 | 15:12 1082
Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri talked about reforms in healthcare system at the governmental sitting.
Putin: In Russia people do not wish a revolution
08.12.11 | 14:38 1152

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister said that the protest actions and demonstrations organizers are acting to achieve desirable ends only. At the same time the most part of population are not willing to protest. They do not wish the events similar to the Ukrainian scenario or Kirgiz scenario.

Kakha Baindurashvili visits India
08.12.11 | 14:26 1397
"Taxes and unequality" - the VI international conference takes place in India, New Deli. Kakha Baindurashvili, President of Georgian Trade Commercial Chamber participates in this conference, alongside with other representatives of countries.
For presidential elections in Russian Federation RUB 12 bn allocated
08.12.11 | 14:09 1153
For the presidential elections campaign the federal budget of Russian Federation allocated RUB 12 bn, GHN informs.
Alla Jioeva: progress in negotiations with Kremlin official is
08.12.11 | 11:07 1210
Alla Jioyeva, an opposition candidate whose victory in the presidential runoff in breakaway South Ossetia was annulled, said after talks with a Kremlin official in Tskhinvali that "for the first time" since the launch of consultations on November 30 she had left the negotiating table "with positive" stance.

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