Davit Bakradze: Duma elections clear evidence of democracy in Russia
07.12.11 | 18:54 958
The elections which were conducted in Russian Federation clearly show for people in Georgia believing that Russian Federation is more democratic state than Georgia is, that such belief is not correct.
Bakradze: it is natural that ruling party beats opposition according to IRI survey
07.12.11 | 18:42 1082

The IRI conducted survey in October-November throughout all Georgia showed that National Movement has a leading position among population.
Jondi Bagatiria: traditionally social surveys falsified in Georgia
07.12.11 | 18:17 1291
Jondi Bagaturia, leader of opposition party said in Georgia the results of social surveys are falsified traditionally.
MPs may reconsider proposal on increasing parliamentary seats
07.12.11 | 17:18 1094
Debates about a controversial proposal to increase number of seats in the next parliament prompted some of the senior lawmakers, who have initiated this constitutional amendment, to say that they would reconsider whether to further push it or not.
Georgian President expected to arrive to Azerbaijan
07.12.11 | 15:57 1070

Mikheil Saakashvili is expected to arrive to Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani media disseminates information that in 2012 Georgian President will visit Baku.
Rustavi 2 TV made public IRIs social survey
07.12.11 | 15:49 993
International Republican Institute has published results of a new social survey conducted in Georgia from October 27 to November 11, 2011. Four thousand respondents were interrogated within the survey, the results of which were as follows:


President of Georgian National Bank should be imprisoned, Tsagareishvili said
07.12.11 | 15:38 1101
Giorgi Tsagareishvili, representative of the fraction "Unity for Fairnes" declared that he will make possible to imprison President of the National Bank, GHN reports.
At Moscow protest actions two Georgians detained
07.12.11 | 15:05 1110
At the protest actions in Moscow at among detained persons two Georgians are. Half an hour ago the information about detention by Russian Police of Vitali Aphaqidze and Giorgi Jalaghania was approved. They faced 15-days administrative imprisonment.
Baramidze: Western politicians should open eyes and pay attention to events in RF
07.12.11 | 12:45 1084
Giorgi Baramidze, vice-Prime Minister declared that it is a time that some Western politicians to open eyes to pay attention to the events in Russian Federation, he declared this in his exclusive interview with EurActive. He believes that the Eurasian Union will be much like the modernized USSR.
Giorgi Baramidze: for this time EU membership irrelevant
07.12.11 | 11:59 1228
For this moment the EU membership  irrelevant, Giorgi Baramidze, vice Prime Minister said this in his interview with EurActive. He said this is not possible for the nearest 3-5 years. At the same time he underlined as more Georgia will be integrated in EU, as more Russia will be restrained in its attempt of illegal occupation. When we will became a NATO member Russia will loose a stimulus for the occupation
Nestan Kirtadze established Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian Ossetia house
07.12.11 | 11:12 1348
The NAPR (National Agency of Public Registry) registered the NGO "Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetia house". The founder of the NGO is Nestan Kirtadze, politician, scientist, professor.
Free trade area talks with Georgia and Moldova opened by EU
06.12.11 | 20:03 1015
The future free trade areas will be part of the Association Agreement, under negotiation with Georgia and Moldova since July 2010 and January 2010, in the framework of the Eastern Partnership and the European Neighbourhood Policy


First-Ever Ambassadors to Argentine appointed,
06.12.11 | 19:19 1018

The Parliament approved on December 6 Georgia's first-ever ambassadors to Argentina and Australia.Career diplomat, Alexandre Latsabidze, who previously served in the Georgian embassy in the United States and most recently in Canada, will become ambassador to Argentina.
USA: elections to Russian Duma were not fair neither free
06.12.11 | 16:45 1088
USA State Secretary Hilary Clinton declared that USA are not considering that elections in Russian Federation were fair and free
Maestro TV owners addressed to dip.corp. in Georgia
06.12.11 | 15:02 1194
The Maestro TV owners addressed to the diplomatic corpus in Georgia and NGOs. They are asking for the monitoring over events around the TV Company and the actions of the government in connection with this TV company, which are aimed to the paralyzing of the activity of independent broadcaster. They are asking for letting to the journalists a possibility to enter the building to continue its duties.
Valeria Navodvorskaya: please remember liberal Medvediev invaded Georgia
06.12.11 | 12:55 1060
"Namely so-called ‘liberal' Medvediev make possible for Russian army to invade Georgia," - Valeria Novodvorskaya, journalist and dissident declared. This was said for those people who still believe that Medvediev is softer politician to compare with Putin.


Eduard Kokoity: Georgia interfered with internal affairs in S.O.
06.12.11 | 12:39 1147
Eduard Kokoity, leader of Ossetia secessionists said that Georgia has interfered with internal affairs in South Ossetia. He underlined the present events are ruled over the Georgian intelligence services.
Alla Jioeva intends to ask for asylum abroad
06.12.11 | 12:23 1040
So-called South Ossetia candidate for presidency and leader of opposition - Alla Jioeva is about to ask for political refuge abroad. She declared this in her conversation with Russian media.
Statement of MFA Regarding conduction of Russian Parliamentary elections on the occupied Georgian territories by the Russian Authorities
06.12.11 | 12:00 1029

On December 4 2011 the Russian Federation, through violating the fundamental principles of the international law, has illegally conducted elections to the State Duma in the occupied Abkhazian and Tskhinvali regions without consent of the Central Government of Georgia
Ala Jioeva to withdraw application to Supreme Court
06.12.11 | 11:56 1087
Ala Jioeva, so-called candidate for presidency in South Ossetia and leader of oppositional forces in secessionist republic intends to withdraw her application to the Supreme Court.


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