Maka Asatiani: Erosi Kitsmarishvili misappropriated Maestro TV Companys money
06.12.11 | 09:28 3235

Maka Asatiani, co-owner of Maestro TV (25% of Maestro TV's is owned by Maka Asatiani, Gachechiladze's long-time friend) disseminated the information that Erosi Kitsmarishvili, head of the TV Company staged the strained situation around the Maestro artificially TV to mislead people about misappropriated money from the company, GHN reports.
PACE & OSCE: Russian authorities were interfering with elections process
05.12.11 | 17:13 1068
The international observers from PACE and OSCE noticed a number of violations as a result of elections process in Russian Federation. As well they noted that Russian authorities were interfering with the elections process, Interfax reports.
Georgian President opened new hospitals
05.12.11 | 16:30 1314
Georgian President opened today new hospitals constructed in the frames of hospitality sector invested by company ‘Aldagi BCI", GHN reports.
Ala Jioeva suggests to Kokoity to leave country immediately
05.12.11 | 15:43 1244

Ala Jioeva, candidate for presidency in so-called South Ossetia suggested to Eduard Kokoity to leave the country in two-days period, GHN reports.


Georgian President: at Abkhazian border new town to be constructed
05.12.11 | 14:37 1074

New town - Lasika will be constructed on the Abkhazian territory from Anaklia to Kulevi, Mikheil Saakashvili declared.


Ivanishvili hold meeting with youth organizations
05.12.11 | 14:22 1010
Bidzina Ivanishvili, businessman-turned-politician conducted a meeting with representatives of 60 youth organizations, GHN reports
Georgian Foreign Minister to visit Israel
05.12.11 | 14:13 1203
Grigol Washadze, Georgian Foreign Minister will visit Israel in nearest future. Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister declared this at the traditional briefing at the Foreign Ministry.
Eduard Kokoity: in South Ossetia orange revolution happens
05.12.11 | 14:01 978
Eduard Kokoity, leader of Ossetia secessionists called the events in Tskhinvali region the ‘Orange revolution'. He believes this process will not be successful. And the order in the country will be established according to the people's will and the Procurator. He declared this at the meeting with public in Tskhinvali.
City Court to hold preliminary hearing for Ivanishvilis pleading
05.12.11 | 11:16 1020
Today on December 5, the Tbilisi City Court will hold a preparation hearing for Bidzina Ivanishvili's legal suit. He climes to abolish Georgian President's order for stripping him of citizenship.
Kitsmarishvili: I have ownership rights in Maestro TV
04.12.11 | 17:24 1067
Erosi Kitsmarishvili, founder of Maestro TV managing firm declared he is authorized to the ownership over the Maestro TV and in the nearest future the TV station's regular broadcasting will be resumed.
Observer: Ivanishvili wants to give hope by forming new political party
04.12.11 | 12:34 1333
Bidzina Ivanishvili says he wants to save his 'nihilist' countrymen and give them hope by forming a new political party
I am not a spy or an oligarch, says Georgia's secretive billionaire. The Observer published an article on November 3 concerning Bidzina Ivanishvili .
RF Duama elections at Georgian occupied territories are holding
04.12.11 | 11:53 1004
Today on December 4 at the secessionist Abkhazian territory the Russian Federation holds a voting for Duma. Abkhazian media disseminates this information. The voting boxes are installed throughout all Abkhazian territory.
Anatoly Barankevich: only after fulfilling two preconditions negotiations with government to be possible
04.12.11 | 11:11 1492
"If the Ossetia government will not fulfill our preconditions, from Monday we will start movement of disobedience. Our supporters will not work. Only those will perform its duties whose job is connected with the barest necessity for our city, "- Anatoly Barankevich, said.
Tkhinvali plans inauguration for December 10
03.12.11 | 16:20 1030
At the central squire of Tskhinvali, the protest action in support of so-called presidency candidate will be held. Protesters are firmly determined to continue protest actions. They are preparing for the inauguration of Ala Jioeva for December 10.
Georgian government condemns vandalistic act on UK embassy in Iran
03.12.11 | 16:07 890
Georgia has condemned an attack on the British Embassy in Iran as "the act of vandalism" and has called for actions to be taken against those responsible.
The Economist: Georgias political future - Misha challenged
03.12.11 | 16:00 982
Ivanishvili measures out his majority JUST as Georgia, which has seen civil war, a revolution and a military conflict with Russia in the past 20 years, was becoming a normal place with dull politics, its richest, most secretive man has exploded onto the political stage
Conflict in TV Maestro
30.11.11 | 15:06 1135
Maestro TV's broadcasting was suspended on Wednesday morning after a conflict between the owners of the station and founder of its managing firm Erosi Kitsmarishvili.
In Moldova GUAM sitting to be held
28.11.11 | 15:59 1122
In Kishinev, Moldova the two-day sitting of national coordinators from GUAM (Georgian, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova) is taking part, GHN reports.
MFA: Russias dislocation of rockets is a danger for all of us
28.11.11 | 15:35 998

Georgia cannot have an indifferent position in connection with the dislocation of rockets by Russian Federation, Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister said, GHN reports.
New York auctions: Picasso, Monet and Georgian oligarch Boris Ivanishvili
28.11.11 | 14:00 1154
More than $250 million of art by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol go under the hammer in New York in May this year, as the two titans of the art market vie for supremacy in the auction room.

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