MFA about Georgian Patriarchs visit to Moscow
28.11.11 | 13:19 1113
Nino Kalandadze, deputy foreign Minister said that at the heavy background which is now between Moscow and Tbilisi, it is hard to imagine anybody can contribute to the improvement of relations.
Ala Jioeva calls her rival to admit defeat in elections
28.11.11 | 12:32 1059
Ala Jioeva, so-called candidate for presidency in South Ossetia calls her rival Anatoli Bibilov to admit defeat. She said yesterday, the best is a winner in these elections, after the CEC made public preliminary results of the elections.
Paata Davitaia applied to President to start modernization with clearance in government first
25.11.11 | 15:51 1017

Paata Davitaia, vice-Spokesperson addressed to the Georgian President to start the modernization of our country with changes in the government first. He said President should declare distrust to the Cabinet. He said at the governmental sitting today.
Mikheil Saakashvili: any attempt to restore USSR will cause destabilization in Russia
23.11.11 | 19:05 1294
Georgian President declared that any attempt to restore the USSR will cost to Russian Federation at the expense of destabilization.
Condoleezza Rais: Putin threatened USA for Georgia
23.11.11 | 13:54 1792

Condoleezza Rais, USA ex-State Secretary denied information disseminated over mass media concerning her position in connection with the August war in Georgia, GHN reports
Today Georgian Orthodox Church marks St. Georges Day
23.11.11 | 13:30 1167
Saint George was a commander of the Emperor Diocletian`s army but opposed to him due to oppression of the Christians. After various tortures, George was executed by decapitation in front of Nicomedia`s defensive wall on April 23, 303.
Saakashvili: whosoever wishes to go to Russia can do it
23.11.11 | 10:07 1223
The Russian Church almost declared a crusader for the restoration of USSR. Georgian President declared this at the governmental sitting.
U.S. Congressional Delegation to Visit Tbilisi
22.11.11 | 17:57 984
U.S. Congressional Delegation to Visit Tbilisi
Gorbachov: Putin and Medvediev have to resign
22.11.11 | 14:34 1030
Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvediev have to resign and to give a chance to the politicians of new generation, - Mikhail Gorbachov declared this.
Russian Presidnet: the operation to force Gerogia to the peace was nessesary
21.11.11 | 16:31 1178
Dmitri Medvediev believes that the military operation to force Georgia to the peace in 2008 was absolutely necessary, GHN reports.
Nino Kalandadze: no agreement concluded with secessionist regions has a legal force
21.11.11 | 14:07 1070
In connection wit the agreements concluded by Dmitri Medvediev with secessionist regimes, Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister commented that none of such documents have a legal force.
USA Congress delegation to visit Georgia
21.11.11 | 13:37 1120

The USA Congress delegation will visit Georgia with two-day working visit tomorrow on November 22, GHN reports
Nino Kalandzdze: Condoleezza Raiss memories underlined the war started by Russian Federation
21.11.11 | 13:22 1166
Condoleezza Rais's memories published recently contain information that the war in 2008 was planned by Kremlin and implemented by Kremlin. Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister said this at the briefing.


Dmitri Rogozin: negotiations for antimissile defense between USA and Russia stumbled
21.11.11 | 12:12 1114

The negotiations between Russia and USA for the dislocation of antimissile Defense in Europe stumbled, Dmitri Rogozin, Russia's permanent representative in NATO said, GHN reports.
Georgian President looked at repair works on Aghmashenebeli Avenue
21.11.11 | 11:28 1086
President Saakashvili looked at the repair works on Aghmashenebeli Avenue; the works are nearing to the end, GHN reports
In Tbilisi statue of Ronald Reagain to be opened
21.11.11 | 11:04 1496
In Tbilisi, at Rike Ronald Reagan statue to be opened. This statue is a symbol of the cold war and soviet period end. The statue will be opened on November 23.
Giorgi Baramidze visits Switzerland
21.11.11 | 10:37 1084
Girogi Baramidze, vice-Prime Minister visits Switzerland by the initiation of the Security and Development Policy Institute. He will deliver a speech: "Democracy and Supremacy of law strengthening in Georgia."
Azerbaijan does not recognize elections in S.O.
20.11.11 | 10:28 1045
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry released a statement on Friday saying that it "does not recognize the so called ‘presidential elections' conducted in Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia" on November 13.
Georgia-Russia WTO Deal in Details - Civil.ge
18.11.11 | 22:47 1064
Russia-Georgia WTO deal will put in place sophisticated systems for cargo tracking and audit as part of an international monitoring of trade to be carried out by a neutral private company, which will be hired by Georgia and Russia and which will be accountable before Switzerland.
President: Europe openly accused Russia in crime against humanity
18.11.11 | 20:14 1023
The resolution passed by EP concerning Georgia, indicates that the occupational Russian Federation's authorities are guilty in committed crime against humanity, President Saakashvili said in his address to the population, GHN reports.

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