Moldavian Presidents election committee closed early
15.11.11 | 19:40 807

The Moldova President's elections committee was closed pre-term, for the reasons of absence of the candidacy. To the Commission at the beginning 7 candidates applied, but they did not present sufficient data about its supporters. According to the legislation the candidate should be supported at least by 15 MPs.
Employees of Georgian Parliament are given two-week time limit for decision for relocation to Kutaisi
15.11.11 | 19:04 824
Parliamentary employees are given two-week time limit to decide the question of its job relocation to another town, to Kutaisi. They should inform about its decision to the administration within this time limit.
Patriarch to meet with Ivanishvili in Georgian Patriarchy
15.11.11 | 17:47 1059
His Holiness and Beatitude, Ilia Second will meet with Bidzina Ivanishvili today.

The press office of Ivanishvili informs that the meeting is planned at 18:00.

Russian Journalist asked for asylum in Georgia
15.11.11 | 13:25 1078
Sergey Kuznetsov, Russian journalist asked for political asylum in Georgia. According to the disseminated information Kusnetsov will arrive to Georgia in nearest future. Until now he asked for Israeli citizenship, but he was detained in the Israeli airport for illegal migration. He was released from imprisonment on November 10.
Davit Bakradze: so-called elections in S.O. were illegal for all international community
14.11.11 | 19:02 1001
Davit Bakradze, Parliamentary Chair said that the elections in so-called South Ossetia were said to be illegal for all international community.
Alasania: after preachemnt citisenship question should be decided
14.11.11 | 17:08 923
Irakli Alasania, leader of Free Democrats said that for him it is very difficult to imagine that the restoration of the citizenship for Bidzina Ivanishvili should still be problematic.
Rogozin: we are not interested what estimations NATO gives to S.O. elections
14.11.11 | 16:48 950
The Russian government is not interested what estimations are given by NATO to the elections conducted in S.O. Dmitri Rogozin, Russian Federation's permanents representative to NATO said commenting the declaration of Andres Fogh Rasmussen about the elections in South Ossetia. Rasmussen underlined that NATO does not recognizes the elections in Tskkhinvali region as valid and legitimate once and that NATO still upholds the territorial integrity of Georgia in its internationally recognized brooders.
Rasmussen: for NATO elections in Tskhinvali are not valid
14.11.11 | 16:08 843
NATO considers that the elections which are taking place now in Tskhinvali region are not valid. They are illegal. Andres Fogh Rasmussen declared this.


Nino Kalandadze: Russia partially recognized Georgian territorial integrity
14.11.11 | 15:55 1594
Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said that taking in view the Georgian-Russian agreement; Russia partially did recognize the territorial unity of Georgia; that the occupied territories are Georgian ones.
On November 17 Georgia to visit EC vice-President
14.11.11 | 15:36 944

On November 17, with two-day official visit to Georgia, Siim Kalas, EC vice-President will arrive. Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign Minister declared this at today's traditional briefing.
Catherine Ashton to arrive to Georgia on November 16
14.11.11 | 14:58 1095
On November 16 Catherine Ashton will arrive to Tbilisi.
Catherin Ashton, EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; vice President of European Commission starts a Caucasian tourney. She will visit firstly Azerbaijan (November 15), then Georgia (November 16) and Armenia (November 17). To the point, he visited Georgia last year, when arriving to Batumi she met with Presidnet Saakashvili.
Russian Media: Putin made a notion, he wishes Presidency for two terms of office
14.11.11 | 14:06 750
At the meeting with International Discussion club "Valdai" Russian Prime Minister Putin said indirectly that he wishes to stay as a President for two terms.
Lavrov: we need not BMD ships in Black and Baltic seas
14.11.11 | 13:43 928
The USA does not exclude that the BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) system could be dislocated in Black and Baltic seas. Russia at the same time is not given a guaranty that those BMD will not be used against it. Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister made this declaration recently.
Davit Bakradze refrains to make comments concerning Georgian Patriarchs declaration
14.11.11 | 12:56 1019
Davit Bakradze, Parliamentary Chair refrains commenting the recent declaration of Georgian Patriarch concerning Bidzina Ivanishvili's citizenship. He said there cannot be political comments. "I have my own human relationship with him. Political comments for such declarations are not possible."
Le Monde : It is time to rethink the Georgian Politics
14.11.11 | 12:40 1096

The influential Le Monde published on November 11 an article concerning the Georgian billionaire-turned-politician Bidzina Ivanishili. The journal informs, on October 7 he announced his decision to establish a political party in Georgia. The text of the article in French without changes see below:


Ivanishvili ready to sale his business in Russia
14.11.11 | 12:16 1142
Bidzina Ivanishvili is ready to sale his own business in Russian Federation for 2 bn USD. The Bloomberg informs that he can make serious discounts in this dealing. Bidzina Ivanishvili acts according to his first promise, when he appeared in the Georgian politics. He will refuse his Russian citizenship and will sale his business in Russian Federation.


In so called S.O. second tour of elections might be conducted
14.11.11 | 09:09 869

In the so-called South Ossetia a second tour of elections could be appointed, as no candidate for presidency gain over 50% of votes. According of the recent data Anatoly Bibilov has 48.1 %, Ala Jioeva - 30.7%, Alan Kotaev - 5.2%. Others have 5% of votes.
Georgian Prime Minister departed for Germany
14.11.11 | 08:26 1223
Georgian Prime Minister Nikolos Gilauri is paying an official visit in Germany. He met with Dirk Niebel, Development and Economic Cooperation Minister.
Georgian Patriarch to ask President for restoration of citizenship for Bidzina Ivanishvili
13.11.11 | 15:21 1071
Bidzina Ivanishvili should be returned his citizenship inevitably. Ilia Second, Catholics Patriarch of All Georgia said this during Sunday preachment at the Trinity Cathedral. He underlined that Bidzina Ivanishvili must be a Georgian citizen as he is native Georgian
Elections point opened in Sokhumi as well
13.11.11 | 10:15 1144

Today on November 13 in connection with the presidential elections in so-called South Ossetia, the elections point was opened in Sokhumi as well (secessionist Abkhazia).

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