Mamuka Areshidze: Russias threat about the same fate for other regions of Georgia as in Abkhazia and S.O. is virtual one

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If Georgia will recognize genocide of Circassia's', then such regions as Borchola (Qvemo Qartli) and Javakheti have to share the same fate as in Abkhazia and S.O. - such declarations are spread in Russian media. Mamuka Areshidze, political scientist, expert in Caucasian questions talked with GHN about the possible versions of development of events, and as well about the desirability of recognition by Georgian Parliament of Circassia's genocide.
- Mr. Areshidze, to what extent real is the threat about sharing the same fate as it is in Abkhazia and S.O. by other regions of Georgia such as Borchola and Javakheti?
- This is a virtual idea, formed in Kremlin and having no grounds. This was told every time. At this time they mean only Borchola and Javakheti, but more popular is mentioning about Ajara and Samegrelo.

Till special relations are established between Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Borchola theme is excluded. For the first glance, Georgia is not dependent after Azerbaijan. At the same time Azerbaijan as well has own interests in the energy carriers system, which are over Georgia. Following this both sides are very delicate in connection with the ethnic groups in Qvemo Qartli and in Saingilo.

What about Javakheti, no wander that Russia have here most influence. Not mentioning other aspects, we can say in Javakheti people are who worked in Russian bases and supposedly they are under influence. Such people are more than several thousands. Form the other side Georgian government, holds a situation there, so it is not easy to confuse things there. But we will not wander if Russia will try to do this.

- Will be the fact of recognition by Georgian Parliament of Cherkess genocide a right step from the political point of view?

- I am not for the recognition of genocide, because Armenians may pose the same question in connection to its own genocide. Armenians have very strong arguments. Its genocide is recognized by Parliament of France. In such case we will appear in a very embarrassing situation. I think this question deserves serious consideration. I am not mentioning the word genocide - I am using the following definition, which is to be passed by the Parliament - events happening in 19 century and in 40-s of 20 century are the tragedy of Circassia, Abkhazians and other Caucasian nations. Moreover we should not forget that not a less tragedy happen with Georgian Muslims, who were evicted from Georgia at the same period. So this is a complicated question which is to be studied comprehensively. The process of study should be oriented to the determination of the reasons of the tragedy and its causes. And would it be Circassia question, Abkhazian or Chechen one, these people have to receive a moral compensation.
What about the word genocide, it should be used with caution. Firstly the word genocide was born in 1943 but the word tragedy encompasses much more. This word denotes the ethnic cleansing, genocide and many other questions. So in such case it is better to use term tragedy, as it is not so political. In case of using the political term we may face problems with Armenia, with Russia and with other countries.
- Taking all this into consideration, it is possible that Javakheti question may arise?
- Naturally, this question might be activated. But if Russia needs to activate the Javakheti question, this is possible without Circassia question at all. I mean it will be more difficult for Russia, but it is possible.

- In the article on the web page "Russian Peacekeeper" the talks are about Georgia's interest in failure of Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014...

- The question of Olympic Games in Sochi is of current importance, even without Georgia's interference. Chrkess are actively demanding question review of Games format. They are claming that part of Olympic traces is lying over its villages (the territory of "Red Field"). Here are skiing lodges, and they believe that before conducting games it was necessary to hold negotiations with them on this matter. It is natural that nobody counted Circassia's opinion. Russia has problems in this part. All European and USA Diaspora is against conduction of Olympic Games, as well Asian Diasporas except of Turkish one. This problem Russia has to decide alone, if it wished to conduct Olympic Games.
- If Olympic Games will be conduced in Sochi, then Russian will see this as a support of international community to the policy which Russia leads in Caucasus...

- This is a difficult question. In China Olympic Games were conducted, but this does not mean that world uphold China's actions in Tibet! This is not right. This is nonsense. Despite of the fact that Russians have a reason, - Chinese Olympiad was not held on the Tibet's territory but here quite another situation is: the Sochi Olympiad conducted on the land of Circassia's in the North Caucasus. This is a quite another political event, that have another political leaning. I do not think this Olympiad will avoid excesses. Naturally I do not mean the terrorist acts, I mean protest actions. This Olympiad will not have an aim for supporting of Russian policy. This simply will be an enterprise, because the derangement of Olympiads in Moscow and Los Angeles did not bring any good for international community. For this reason all will restrain from derangement of Olympiad.

- Georgian side protested many times against export of materials form Abkhazia for construction works in Sochi. Do you think this will make an influence the Olympiad in Sochi?
- Georgian authorities are not to take orientation for derangement of Olympic games, this would be improper and the public will take not adequately. The orientation of Georgia must be only the support for Circassia and Caucasian nations, aiming legalization and strengthening of its demands. For Russian's a winning move will be if they will satisfy pretensions of Circassia's, but not the destabilization of situation in Georgia. Russians are able to do this. They have to recognize on the legal level the tragedy happening in 19 century. But Russian authorities are afraid of financial pretensions (in sense of demanding of compensation) in case if they will admit the Circassia tragedy. But Russia has to submit with the situation, Russia is a big country. But now it looks like Russia does not wish to admit own mistakes and fights with another country?! This is nonsense.

- Russia declares again, if Georgia will recognize genocide of Circassia, any negotiations with Georgia are not possible...

- If Parliament will pass such decision this mean that the political decision is taken and between Georgia and Russia will start a war. This is not advantageous for us. For us is convenient the process itself, which have to last constantly. Georgia has to put constant pressure, disagreeable impulses upon Russia, for Russia to react properly on Circassia question. If we will put the political seal on this question, then we have to start a war with Russia, at least the informational war. But what we will gain from such situation? - Nothing except of troubles from Armenians and Kurds for recognition of its genocide. This is a very questionable process, and it is not acceptable for me. Not political but another estimation should be done for achieving the final aim, for helping Circassia, in pushing Russia reviewing its problems.

Tamar Mamukashvili GHN