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2008 August War Chronicle

2008 August War Chronicle

Eleven years passed since Russian-Georgian war. In 2008 August 7 war started between Georgian troops and Ossetian secessionists supported by Russian army. Russia joined the military actions on August 8. Russia entered in the region with its army and heavy military technique.

Russia started to bomb as well other regions of Georgia. Joined army of Russians and Ossetians waged war against Georgian troops in Tskhinvali during 3 days. Russian battleships blocked the Georgian black sea coast.

On August 9 Russian and Abkhazian forces opened a second front line in Kodori valley. They invaded the internal territory of Georgian Republic. After 5 days Georgian troops leaved Tskhinvali and Abkhazian territory.

The agreement about cease-fire was reached on August 12 after mediation of Nikola Sarkozi, EU Chairman. Tbilisi signed it on August 15 and Russia on August 16.

On August 12 Dimitry Medvedev, President of Russian Federation ordered a cease-fire, but bombing of Georgian dwelling units and roistering of Russian army continued.

After signing of the agreement most part of Russian troops were moved out from the territory of Shida Kartli and Samegrelo.

The Buffer zones were created along Abkhazia and South Ossetia borders and observation posts were left in Poti, Senaki and Perev.

On August 26 Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

According to the information of Georgian Defense Ministry, Interior and Health Care Ministry during the August war by the September 25 died: 168 military men from forces, 16 policemen, 188 peaceful dwellers.

August 1

At the dawn in Tskhinvali region on the Eredvi-kheiti road intense fire opened between Georgian defense troops and South Ossetian army. As a result of this 6 died and 21 wounded.

August 2

Ossetian secessionists were firing all night the Georgian villages. Victims occurred. The Georgian government calls the secessionists to respect the cease-fire. Secessionists started to evacuate from Tskhinvali children and women to the North Ossetia.

Georgian Minister in reintegration Temur Iakobashvili met with Marat Kulakhmetov, head of Russian Peacekeepers - Iakobashvili demands meeting with Ossetian secessionists but he is refused.

August 3

On August 3 Russian government allowed the South Ossetian population to refuge to Russian Federation. At the same time the region left 20 buses full of refugees.

The Georgian government is ready to start negotiations without any preconditions. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov congratulated Ilia II, Cathalicos Patriarch with Angel Day. Viacheslav Kovalenko, Envoy in Georgia passed the letter to His Holiness.

In Vladicaucasus so called South-Ossetian supporting meeting held. This day is a day of decision by Abkhazian secessionists to prohibit the Georgian language in Schools starting from September.

Sergey Bagapsh declared the emergency situation.

August 4

Russian 58 Army's 5 battalions dislocated near the Roki tunnel, at the North Ossetian side. Abkhazians refused to participate in the meeting of UN Secretary General's Group of friend Countries. The meeting was to be held on August 15 in Berlin.

At the same time, Kokoity, leader of Ossetian secessionists declared that he will not start negotiations with Georgian side without Russia. Vladicaucasian Kazaks declared its willingness to help South Ossetia. Mikhail Mindzaev, so called leader of secessionists declared that Tskhinvali is ready to open fire.

The position of Georgian government is announced by Temur Iakobashvili, State Minister. He declared that "Georgia is not going to join military actions" and called again the Ossetia side for negotiations. The suggestion is left without reply again.

The Russian battalion dislocated in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone is in emergency situation.

Kokoity declared from Tskhinvali that he is ready to destroy Georgia. Viktor Vodolatski, head of Don Kazaks informed Kokoity that Kazaks are ready to fight in South Ossetia.

August 5

Ossetian secessionists renowned the fire to Georgian villages. In the morning secessionists are negotiating about opening of a new front line.

From Russian Southern army the stream of volunteers is directed to Tskhinvali.

Different countries' Foreign Ministers are calling the conflicting sides to peaceful regulation of the conflict.

The declaration is disseminated by the OSCE as well, which accused the secessionists in straining of the situation.

The information is leaking that Temur Iakobashvili will meet with Boris Chochiev on August 7.

August 6

The Georgian villages again under fire. According to the Georgian side 3 Georgian peacekeepers were wounded. At the same night 4 people died in firing. Because of this the Georgian side renowned the fire.

Denis Keefe, HE Ambassador of Great Britain and Northern Ireland arrived to Tskhinvali. He met with Kokoity.

Tskhinvali dwellers started to move out from the region. Georgian side pulled the military technique to the borders of the region.

Villages Nuli and Avnevi - were bombed by Ossetian secessionists, as a result victims are.

In the Russian Foreign Ministry, the emergency sitting was held. The Moscow sent Youri Popov to Tbilisi at night "to clarify the situation". Popov declared that Iakobashvili and Chochiev will meet with support of Russian side.

At the same time Popov said that "if in the Tskhinvali region the events will develop forcefully, the Moscow will interfere."

Ossetian secessionist postponed the meeting which was to be held on August 7 in Tskhinvali and suggested to conduct the meeting on August 9.

August 7

Attacks on Georgian villages are more intense. On August 7 at the morning in the Tskhinvali region the situation is the following: secessionists are bombing the villages continuously.

At the night the Georgian side did not responded to the fire from Ossetian side. However, when secessionists opened the fire from 12 mm missile, Georgian side opened the fire as well.

Georgian side once more declared that it is not planning the emergency measures in the conflict zone and is ready to the dialogue.

Georgian President made a special declaration that the Georgian side is ready to restrain from any kind of aggression maximally.

Georgian Foreign Ministry called the Russia to put pressure on secessionist for cease of peaceful villages bombing.

At the same time Bagapsh is organizing the extraordinary meeting. The meeting is behind the closed doors.

Yuri Popov and Temur Iakobashvili failed to meet in Tskhinvali. After that Iakobakhvili departed to the conflict zone. To the conflict zone arrived as well Yuri Popov. He is planning to meet with Kokoiti and Marat Kulakhmetov.

The Georgian villages under fire again. Small Liakhvi valley is under constant fire as well.

Iakobashvili met with Marat Kulakhmetov in Tskhinvali in the Peacekeepers headquarters. He returned to Tbilisi, but the details of the meeting were not open.

On August 7 according to the Interior Ministry 10 people died.

At the end of the day according to the President's order the Georgian side decaled the cease of fire.

"In the conflict zone at this time the sniper war is waged against the dwellers. The military technique occurred in the conflict zone illegally," - Mikheil Saakashvili declared during the direct transmission.

Saakashvili called the parties to the negotiations, in any way and promised the full autonomy to the region. As well he declared the total amnesty for secessionists, and called the international community to mediate for negotiations of parties.

Saakashvili applied to the international community for support and asked to help the escalation of aggression and to conduct the negotiations.

Saakashvili once more suggested to Russian Federation mediation for resolution of the conflict.

The Ossetian side ceased the fire.

At the evening Yuri Popov declared that on August 8 Temur Iakobashvili and Boris Chochiev will meet. After that Marat Kulakhmetov said that "Tbilisi and Tskhinvali agreed on cease-fire until negotiations."

Saakashvili started that phone dialogue with the leaders of foreign countries.

At the evening the Ossetian side breached the agreement about the cease-fire. The attack started on the village Tamarashvili, there were victims.

23:30 the Georgian side responded to this fact with a military operation, the aim of which according to the Kurashvili, head of the Peacekeepers was "the establishment of Constitutional order in the region".

Before the Georgian side started the military actions, the Russian 58 army entered the South Ossetian Territory trough the Roki tunnel. From the Roki tunnel to the Tskhinvali region Russian army and military technique entered as well.

August 8

From the Ossetian Side fire is not stopping. The peaceful population is bombed. Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister being in the opening ceremony of Peking Olympic Games condemned "Georgian Aggression". He said that Russia will not leave such actions without response. AT 09:30 President Medvediev conducted an extraordinary meeting with the members of the government, to develop the possible action plan in connection with the conflict.

Hundreds of armed personnel and military technique entered through Roki tunnel to the Georgian territory. Georgian government calls the secessionists to cease the armed actions and to negotiate.

At 11:40 Saakashvili ordered the mobilization of the Georgian army. Georgian government: "In connection with the situation, for maintaining the safety of the peaceful population and for prevention of attack the Georgian government has to take adequate measures. Georgian troops entered two villages Muguti and Didmukha, Dmaninsi. After that they entered Tskhinvali.

First declaration from USA: Washington calls Russia to put pressure over secessionists to fare-case.

Intense fight in village Tkviavi continued. Despite of ultimately complicated situation, the Georgian side is ready to return again to negotiations.

Georgian army took a total control over eight Georgian villages - Dmeniss, Muguti, Didmukha, Sarabuk, Upper Niqoz, Atoz and Lower and Upper Oqona.

The Georgian flag is waiving almost in all strategic points and villages near Tskhinvali. Georgian troops entered Tskhinvali. At this time Kokoiti and his environment is in Java region in HQ.

Russian aviation started to bomb Georgian villages.

Georgian Embassy in Moscow is encircled by so called "Ommon". The Embassy despite of this fact continued to work.

Georgian troops managed to pull out Russian 58 army, which has the intention to move from Roki tunnel to Java region. 10 mercenaries give oneself up to Georgian army.

Georgian army controls 70% of the conflict region.

Georgian government announced a moratorium from 15:00 to 18:00 and suggested to the peaceful and as well to non-peaceful population the safety guaranties and to move to Gori for accommodation through the corridor made in Ergneti.

Russian aviation bombed Vaziani military base.

Russian military aviation bombed the Marneuli military airport and Vaziani military base.

Russian Defense Ministry's the 58 army is at the Tskhinvali entrance.

President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili decaled about the situation to the leaders of foreign countries.

President of Georgia works in an emergency regime. The Georgian side strongly preserves the moratorium and abstains from fire.

Russian Transport Ministry cancelled the air communication.

Russian military aviation three-times bombed the Marneuli aviation base. No victims occurred.

Almost all country leaders and international organizations made declarations in support of Georgia and calls Russia to respect cease-fire.

The Russian military technique is dislocated in Java. They are trying to break through from Georgian round up.

The EU "troika" discussed the situation.

9 August

Russian military aviation bombed the Senaki military base and Poti sea port. The victims occurred. 13 Georgian soldiers died and more than thousand wounded.

Two Russian fighters bombed the Georgian artillery position. Five people died. In town Gori the bomb falls in to house.

Russian the 76 air division entered Tskhinvali

According to the Georgian side 10 Russian fighters are bring down.

At 11:10 President of Georgia declared a martial law in the country.

Georgian Parliament unanimously passed the martial law in the country.

At 12:30 in South Ossetia Russia made a landing operation. President Saakashvili calls parties to honor the cease-fire.

At 13:41 according to media Russian air forces bombed Kodori valley.

Petras Vaitiekunas, Foreign Minister of Lithuania arrived to Gori region together with Georgian Foreign Minister. Petras said that the amount of victims and destruction is shocking.

In connection with the situation the radio station "Voice of America" doubled the broadcasting over Georgia.

UN Security Council could not pass the united decision in connection with the situation.

Poti port is bombed again

Georgia decided to move back from Iraq thousand soldiers.

Illia Second, Cathalicos Patriarch of All Georgia asked the international community for peaceful resolution of the situation in Georgia.

Russian military aviation bombed 9 villages in Liakhvi valley. The valley is bombed intensively. The victims occurred. Population, which remained in valley, asks for help.

To Georgian different Observer Groups arrived.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry declared that Russian military aggression covers itself under the "humanitarian aid" and "induced peaceful operation".

US President G.Bush called Russia to stop the military operations

In Tskhinvali fight is more and more intense.

Russian military aviation bombed villages in Oni region. The victims occurred.

Almost all leaders of the countries in the world declared that they are upholding the territorial sovereignty of Georgia.

According to the Health Ministry of Georgia 55 people died, among them 15 peaceful citizens, 40 military servicemen

Russian bombardiers attacked the Baku-Ceikhan pipeline on Georgian territory.

The Red Cross representatives could not enter the conflict zone to help wounded people. As a result of massed attack it is unsafe to enter Tskhinvali.

Russian aviation bombed the Upper Abkhazia villages - Omarishara, Sakeni, Qvabchara and Chkhalta

Georgian side attacked the Roki tunnel.

According to the official information Georgian governmental forces are controlling Tskhinvali and its surrounding at the evening of August 9.

August 10

At evening of August 10 Georgia demanded the cease-fire and suggested to Russia the negotiations.

Nikola Sarkozi, President of France developed the plan for regulation of events in South Ossetia. He will present it to Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin cancelled the visit in Pecking and arrived to North Ossetia. Putin demanded from the Georgian government pulling out of military forces from Tskhinvali region.

Putin declared that Actions of Georgian side are illegitimate and Russia acts absolutely legitimately.

Georgian troops totally controlled Tskhinvali and its surrounding with all strategic objects.

Russian aviation and artillery started the massed attack of Tskhinvali

Alexander Lomaia, Chairman of the Georgian Security Council declared during the special briefing that as a result of unprecedented attack of Russian Federation Georgian troops were pulled to borders of Tskhinvali.

Georgian government addressed to the Abkhazian people not to be provoked by Russian Federation.

French Foreign Minister delivered to Georgia the three-stage plan for resolution of situation in Georgia.

Sergey Bagapsh declared the total mobilization.

Georgian President declared that at the Abkhazian coast Russian Black Sea navy is located.

At the same day Russians bombed the international airport. Russian Defense Ministry named this declaration as one more disinformation.

At 22:00 Georgia agreed for Russian Peacekeepers entrance to Zugdidi.

World leaders demanding the respect of cease-fire form Russian Federation.

In European Countries, in front of the Russian embassies the protest actions are held.

Russian aviation bombing again Gori and surrounding territory.

By the order of Georgian President, Georgian troops will cease a fire in South Ossetia. Russian aviation is bombing territory of Tbilisi aviation plant.

According to the official data 94 people died, among them 47 soldiers and 47 civilians

Leader of different European countries are declaring the support for Georgia. Upper Abkhazia is bombed intensely by Russian bombardiers.

August 11

Sergey Lavrov mentioned in phone conversation with Condoleezza Rice, US State Secretary that Saakashvili, President of Georgia have to resign.

To Tbilisi EU leaders are arriving.

The Upper Abkhazia is bombed again. The artillery fire is opening. Russian aviation attacked Tbilisi from air.

Georgian military base in Senaki is occupied by Russian landing force

Sergey Chaban, General Being in Abkhazia made an ultimatum to Georgian side and demands to lay down arms.

Russian Defense ministry approved the information that from Chechnya special battalions "Vostok" and "Zapad" is moved out.

The postage between Russia and Georgia cancelled.

The Georgian side waits for Russian agreement in connection with humanitarian corridor, but unsuccessfully.

Bernard Kushner arrived to Georgia.

Georgian citizens living in Russia are being arrested.

During 2 days in Moscow 7 Georgians killed and 20 disappeared.

Georgian President and foreign diplomats are moved from Gori.

Vladimir Putin declared that Russia will lead its peaceful mission to the logic end.

Russian aviation attacked once again Tkviavi.

Village Khrcha is occupied by Abkhazian and Russian troops.

Senaki military airport and military base are bombed.

Georgian President called the Georgian people to gather at the Parliament at 15:00.

August 12

Russia landed troops at Poti seaside for creation of 50 km buffer zone.

US President made one more declaration demanding Russia to make steps towards accomplishment of the crisis.

"Big 7" countries FM demanded form Russia to cease-fire immediately.

Russian occupants started the military operation in direction of upper Abkhazia.

Russian occupants bombed village in Gori region.

The Population from Kodori valley is moved out.

Russian aviation attacked the Tbilisi Sea.

Russian President declared about the accomplishment in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone of "forceful peace operation".

Georgian side did not receive the official information about cease-fire from Russia.

As a result of Gori bombing 6 people died.

Russian occupational troops destroyed Senaki No 2 military base of Defense Ministry.

Georgian Cathalicos Patriarch Ilia II addressed to Dimitry Medvediev, President of Russian Federation to cease the fire immediately and to start negotiations.

Russian Federation is bombing again the Georgian territory. Pipeline is attacked again.

In front of the Parliament the President addressed to gathered people that Russian Federation's peacekeepers will be named as occupants and South Ossetian and Abkhazian territories will be announced as occupied territories. He as well said that Georgia is leaving the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). As well Georgia will sue in International Court, the Russian Federation for ethnic cleansing in 2008 and 1993 yy.

Russian and French Presidents developed the document for deadlock break.

Georgia sued Russia in Hague International Court for ethnic cleansing.

Despite of the decision of Medvediev Russian aviation is bombing the Georgian villages.

French President arrived to Georgia. In Tbilisi as well are Estonian, Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Presidents

According to the last data 175 people died.

NATO Secretary General declared that Georgia will remain the NATO candidate country despite of the conflict.

August 13

Georgia is in mourning for 3 days. Town Gori is under Russian Army control. The soldiers of Russian Army are looting. Russian occupants left Poti.

Russian Army closed the highway near Gori.

Russia breached the agreement about cease-fire it still is bombing the town Gori.

Russian tanks, which were directed to Tbilisi, turned back to Uplistsikhe. Russian militaries harshly threatened with peaceful dwellers of Gori.

August 14

Russian occupants left the Mestia region.

In Tbilisi 28 thousand refugees from Tskhinvali region are.

August 15

Russian Army closed the motor road bridge at the river Tskhenistskhali.

Patriarch entered Gori.

Condoleezza Rice arrived to Tbilisi.

President of Georgia signed the agreement about cease-fire.

Russian aviation bombed Borjomi Park and Tsemi.

August 16

In many countries of the world the protest actions against Russia are held.

Russian occupants pulled out from Gori to Zugdidi 50 tanks

Russian militaries remained in Gori.

Occupational army mined the railway bridge in Kaspi.

Dimitri Medvediev signed the agreement about cease-fire.

Russian aviation bombed the Surami forest.

August 17

US Senator Biden arrived to Georgia.

Angela Merkel arrived to Tbilisi.

Medvediev promised Sarkozi that tomorrow he will start to withdraw army from Georgia.

August 18

Russian Army attacked TV tower in Gori and executed by shooting the service personnel.

Russian Army burned the patriotic camp in Ganmukhuri.

August 19

Senator Joe Biden asked the Congress to finance Georgia for 1 billion USD.

The date of Russian Army's withdrawing put off for one day.

215 people died. 1469 wounded. 70 militaries missing.

Medvediev promised to call off the army on August 22.

Occupants blasted the military base in Osiauri.

August 20

Russian occupants took village Pervi of Sachkhere region.

Russian helicopters bombed forest in Kiketi near Tbilisi.

August 21

Romanian President arrived to Tbilisi.

The negotiations about exchange of captives started.

"Human rights watch" accused Russia in using of forbidden weapon.

August 22

Russian troops started to move out from Khashuri and Gori.

According to the preliminary information 500 hectare of unique forest burned.

Russia placed at the Inguri Bridge 18 posts.

August 23

Occupational troops left the military base in Senaki.

Eduard Kokoiti addressed to Russia to recognize the independence of so called South Ossetia.

August 24

Russian occupants are still in village Perevi.

In the village Mandishi of Senaki region the occupants made trenches.

Russian Federation Council advised to Medvediev to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Duma of Russian Federation upheld an idea of recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

In Gori the exchange of captives started.

August 26

Russian occupants as before are in the village Perevi.

In Senaki two Russian posts are open.

Dimitri Medvediev signed the Order about recognition of secessionists regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Russia called other countries to follow the cease.

Medvediev did not take into consideration the appeal of international community not to recognize the secessionists regions as independent states.

The information used according to materials of news agency GHN, August 2008