Authorities afraid of Ivanishvili

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When interviewed by Reuters, Bidzina Ivanishvili mentioned that in case of right steps it is possible that the interests of two courtiers - Russia and Georgia will coincide. What steps he means and as well for the estimation of his political viewpoints GHN talked with political scientist Mamuka Areshidze.

- Bidzina Ivanishvili in conversation with Rueters said that "possibly we can reach coincidence of interests with Russian federation, if we will make right steps," What do you think the right steps could mean?

- I cannot guess this, but it is clear for me that we should make such steps which will be in our interests and taking in view the situation in the region. This will be very good if we will move in such direction. Nevertheless I cannot say what he mean in the coincidence of interests with Russian Federation and in balancing them. For me this could be the restoration of territorial integrity of our country.

-How do you estimate Ivanishvili's political declarations?

- Very positively, they are very vise. One feels a strength and a serious resources behind them. those recourses are not only financial, they as well are resources in terms of ties, connections, his activity. I mean those ties with world economic finance circles which are making not only economics, but as well politics.

- He promised to come into politics, but over the parliamentary elections. Nobody before could make this way into politics, how can he do this?

- I have anayzed the processes which are now pending, and I was impressed that his appearance in politics is not random. As well, it is not a coincidence that his declaration was made at the day of Sarkozy's visit. I think he prepared for this at least for one year.i think he analyzed mistakes of his predecessor and made necessary precautions in the international level. Badri Patarkatsishvili's mistakes predetermined his death and his leaving alone in terms of international community. I think Ivanishvili took this into consideration.

- The government says his appearance in politics is connected with Russian political games.

- This is not correct. Because Ivanishvili asked for cooperation Alasania, who represents pro-American force. Ithink such big figures are not products of one country only, behind them an international effort should be supposed. I think that Ivanishvili acts independently by his own, or behind him a serious international well thought plan is.

- Does Ivanishvili correctly choosed political forces for cooperation?

- I believe he does not make spontaneous decision. Both forces are clearly pro-western and are not found in any cooperation. with government . Such tactics is oriented to the strategic result. What about other members of a team I can say nothing as yet.

- Till now Ivanishvili does not say what geopolitical direction will he choose. What can you say in this respect?

- No such questions are appropriate this time. Now the pro-Georgian direction is main. When we talk about declarations, for me most important is a program but not declarations. We wait for the political program from Ivanishvili. The relations with Russian Federation are very important, as to this question the territorial integrity of our country is attached. Only after this we can judge about the large scale programs.

- Why President striped him a citizenship?

- He was afraid of him, and except of this nothing could be said. I talked with defense lawyers, they said to me that too many procedural questions were violated. this is shameful. Nothing ever can be said what is happening with his wife. She was deprived of a citizenship, she cannot finance the political movement now... .