Soso Tsintsadze: it is time for new generations and for new force on oppositional arena

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Elections are near, but opposition still is divided. The "Alliance" factually dissolved, one of the leaders of opposition Eka Beselia parted from the political movement "For United Georgia". They said that she will leave politics as well. One more part of the opposition has own formula, to which the other part disagree with. To the addition for the last period in the political backstage are talking about the union of Okruashvili and Burjanadze. What is happening in the opposition and why political forces which are very far from each other in ideology are uniting in the "morning' and for the "lunch" it will appear that they disagree with each other in the fundamental principles. This question as seems, is curios one not only for the people who are far from the politics but as well for Soso Tsintsadze, political scientist.

-Mr Soso, why the opposition is dividing at the time when it is vitally important to unite?

-The reason is that everything is clear, when till the elections 3 month are left, and at this time the most popular political organization parted, here we can make no comments. This is a tragedy; no other explanations could be given. When before the elections there are talks about the dissolution of old political unions and creation of new ones, this denotes only an ineffectiveness of the opposition, they simply lost the time.
The processes which now in opposition are, they should happen exactly a year ago in 2009. For the overcoming the troubles, for the finding of common points of view and for the strong position, for preparation of  a platform, for the work with electorate, the political leaders should use the time in Summer-Autumn-Winter... But they united and lost the time posing before the TV cameras. And it should be said that some TV companies made a disservice for them. First of all the TV Company "Caucasia". It was supposed by the opposition leaders that as much many times they would appear at the TV cameras then better would it affect the audience, but it should be noted that the electorate did not believe them any more. How can we believe to this opposition? I know that I am talking very unpleasant things. But I know as well that the democracy without a strong opposition never was developed. And Georgia is not an exception in this respect. The opposition is a twin of the democracy and the opposition and democracy should be together. They should not be divided. So because of this if in the country does not exist an opposition there does not exist a democracy as well.

- Do you think that Georgian opposition is week one?

- Our opposition, I would hardly to say it is an opposition in fact. To be in opposition is not merely to be against government and to try its change. The oppositionist is a person who fights with the classic methods to come to the power in the government. I am studying the politics it is nearly 30 years and I have a serious doubt that even in the extraordinary case of changing this government if it ever happen, the new power coming instead of it will start fighting for offices, posts and so on. What is a team (I hate this word for the last several years) it was not in the opposition for the last period. How is it possible that at the morning they will unite and at the lunch time it will appear that they have differences in a fundamental principles.

- You mentioned classic methods of fight. Which parties are fighting which such methods, by your opinion?

- At any event not those which are waiting for thunder storm. Such parties have no idea what is a political fight. They have no room in this area.

- For the last days at the political front new formula appeared: "All minus one". This factually was a cause for the dissolution of the Alliance. Do you agree with such formula of "New" and "Republicans"?

- I am agreeing with the formula which is for the participation in elections and excludes the barricades and destruction, circus, "hobos" and alike things as running across the stadium. I trust more to the  "New Rights" and "Republicans". I believe that both parties are more or less dignified, however they as well were not a model. I would like to recall one thing, when Alasania arrived to Tbilisi he asked me to meet with him. I have meet with him and said that he could not make an alliance with "Republicans".

- Why?

- Because the Republicans did not need a new leader. They are leaders themselves. Each member of the Republican Party can create own political party, as this party is a party of leaders - very intelligent several persons, but still this is a political party. This party will have a strong electorate a long time. Because the Republicans have passed ahead of the time in Georgia. By the way, I said to Nino Burjanadze, when she created the Fund that several persons will not fit her party... She did not believe me, however no person presently are with her about whom I warned her. So, professionalism and dilettantism are different things. Generally a politics is a science, and in the science a professional scientist should be. When you do not like a government it is only a stimulus, but nothing else...

- Mr Soso to be more precise,  was Alasania right when he made an ultimatum to Alliance members and sat at the negotiations' table with Zurab Nogaideli?

- Maybe at this stage Alasania took a right decision, which is calculated to the future, but I am sure this decision he has took under obligation.

- What do you mean?

- If Irakli Alasania after 3 years is going to take part in the elections, then now he took a right decision that he parted from "Republicans" and "New Rights". Never its ties will be natural and strong. However he looses the chance to become a City Mayor.

- Do you think that Alasania will refuse to participate in local elections?

- I think that he will refuse, he will not take this chance, however this chance was not a real one. I am noted once more, Alasania will refuse a little chance of City Mayor post for bigger aim. The main prize is a Presidency election.

- Let us suppose that Alasania refused own candidacy in favor of Gachechiladze. How the ideologist of "Loosed protest actions" can rehabilitate own personality?

- It is impossible to rehabilitate Gachechiladze in the opposition and in society. For this the time is not enough. 3 moths are left till elections it is too little. If they will conduct consultations, meetings and so on they will not give any result at the elections. The time is not left for elections campaign...

-What do you think; will the opposition manage to present a common candidate against Gigi Ugulava?

- The opposition will not manage to do this. The common candidate may have one part of the opposition. The "Cristian-democrates" as well have own candidate and as a result no unity in opposition on this question will be.

- Does it have any sense to participate in elections?
-Generally it is better to participate in elections then to boycott them; this is a classic formula of political fight. In Georgia still a doubt exists that elections can be falsified. And it is truth that a participation in elections will be more difficult for those who do not believe in it. However a boycott is far worse.
-And finally, what do you think about the main potential candidates for City Mayor. Who is stronger - Zviad Dzidziguri, Koba Davitashvili, Kakha Kukava or Zurab Nogaideli?
- Several politicians are already out of date. For example Davitashvili, Dzidziguri and Kukava. But it is difficult to make them to believe it. I think it is a time for new generation, new force on the oppositional arena.
- You did not mention Nogaideli...
- Nogaideli this is an exotic - I can't talk about him, it is not likely that he will have a strong electorate, which endures time.