Interview of the Minister of Internal Affairs

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Your interview published few days ago in Russian daily "Komersant" is already proclaimed as a scandalous by Georgian society. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has already responded to the mentioned interview with an official statement which pointed that some ideas published in the interview were cut out from the context. However, the statement turned out to be unsatisfactory for the Georgian society. The part of material where Primakov is claimed to be the author of the idea to restore regal authority in Georgia has also aroused a very big interest among society.

Primakov has recently emerged as a political figure in relation to Georgia, soon after Putin has entrusted him to take care of Georgia on his birthday party; the idea of royalty institution has existed long before that, therefore it is wrong to relate those two concepts with each other.

I have my own opinion regarding the renewal of regality in Georgia. I think that the idea of restoring royal power in 21 century is a total anachronism. I have no sympathy towards those politicians which are supporting this idea.

As for Mr. Primakov, I have connected Nogaideli, Burjanadze, and other politicians with him as I stated in the previous interview. The idea of restoring the regality and this topic should not be connected to each other.

Your another attitude has aroused a serious excitement - in the interview you stated that recommendations given by EU were not necessarily to be taken into account

My whole interview was full of democratic as well as pro-European contemplations. 80 percent of my interview was dedicated to a certain idea that there is no alternative to the European civilization. I have never stated that recommendations from Europe were ignored.

I only discussed one particular fact, when the usage of armored police vehicles were not recommended by the European Union in conflict zones (this was the only criticism the Ministry of Interior received from EU)

I mentioned in the interview that we did not take into consideration this particular recommendation (according to EU it could become the cause for provocation from Russian side)and the Ministry applied armored police vehicles in the conflict zones and thus saved many lives of police officers.

I would remind you that after the post-war period the Ministry of Internal Affairs has lost its 14 employees in conflict zones. In previous interview I also stated that after we applied for the armored police vehicles there have been no cases of death among police officers.

You can be acquainted with the official documents of European Union on Georgian police activities in conflict zones and see that, terms of the agreement have never been violated by Georgian side.

As for the phrase that the war is not over with Russia yet, the answer can be found in the same material, where the means of fighting against Russian aggression are well-illustrated. Our main weapon against aggression is democratic reforms and modernization as well. This particular battle against Russia is vital for us to be won. As you are already aware Georgian side is fulfilling the undertaken commitments of six-point accord.

-I'm curious in details of another interesting passage of the material, where you mentioned about 50 000 proposed to Russian militants by Givi Targamadze to explode the statute of Stalin...


I was informed about this fact, so were the journalists; they even joked about this situation. It is a popular story, - When Givi Targamadze was conducting negotiations with Russian occupants on releasing the hostages, he proposed to the militants to explode the statue of Stalin instead of civil infrastructure and even proposed a certain amount of cash, -and this was the context of the situation. Russian militaries said Stalin was their ideal and did not expect from us such a proposal... this was the whole essence of the situation. Russian militaries occupied Georgian land and at the same time were the actual followers of Stalin, they were all Stalinists. That was my point

-In the interview you also referred to "First Caucasian" channel and the assistance of Chechens

First of all I would like to reiterate that Georgia has deplored the terrorist attack in Moscow and expressed its condolences towards the families of the diseased. There is no excuse for terrorism and killing innocent people. As you know ethnical Ossetians, Chechens and North Caucasians were actively involved in first Abkhazian and Ossetian wars, but since Georgia was subject to egression even Chechens living in Moscow felt sympathy towards Georgians, for Georgians similarly like Chechens have become the victims of aggression. This was the only topic I referred in the previous interview on the issues of Chechnya. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has no relations with "First Caucasian" channel. Their main purpose is to show to the Russian-speaking viewers the new, currently implemented reforms and powerful aspects of Georgia. We all remember that during Abkhazian war Russian propaganda has negatively influenced the part of North Caucasian population. Therefore, the main goal of "First Caucasian" channel is to convey independent and diverse attitudes to those Caucasian nations.

-In Previous interview with daily "Komersant" you also discussed the ratings of Georgian politicians and their imminent failure on forthcoming elections...

- I am a political figure and ordinary civilian, I have no military ranks just like the most of my deputies; what i stated in previous interview is not only my personal evaluation of situation, but the general truth, results of social polls and surveys are also being published periodically. Even today I can repeat the same words written in teh interview with daily "Komersant"- opposition will lose elections because of its weakness. Those politicians which are systematically visiting Putin for negotiations, first are losing ratings and only after this are deciding to visit him and not vice versa. Their visits to Putin only show the signs of desperateness and Nogaideli can be included among such politicians as well.

- Nogaideli has most negatively responded to your interview

Statements made by Nogaideli do not coincide with his capacities. I don't take Nogaideli seriously, the same can be said about Burjanadze.

- How real is a threat voiced in simulated news bulletin which was staged by "Imedi"? According to the President the threat is quite real...

- It is not a secret that Russia has aggressive plans in relation to Georgia. Russia failed in August 2008 to fully accomplish its plans. We are making such announcements on TV periodically but let me reiterate that in the nearest future the threat of full-scale Russian aggression is minimal. Minor provocations can never be excluded. Society will be immediately informed in case of increasing threat.


- What do you expect after elections?

Majority of Georgian population is waiting for the world championship in football to begin, although I'm not a big fan of football but my son is looking forward to.

-How would you comment on the possibility of staging Kirgizian revolution scenario is Georgia?

-There are no similarities of situation between Kirgizia and Georgia, zones of influence are also different; there is no similarity between the two countries, neither geographical, nor political or in any other aspect. It will have no impact on Georgia. Disorders are not expected during the elections as well as in post-election period. Stability will be preserved not because police will defend it but because of the attitude of Georgian society towards Nogaideli and other politicians like him, they have no support among society. Kirgizian scenario is not acceptable even for those civilians who share oppositional views. Kirgizian revolution scenario is fully unacceptable for Georgian society. At this stage, there is no support for such radical activities in Georgia. I am deeply convinced that elections will be held objectively and in peaceful atmosphere. Considering social activities i see no threat.

-How would you evaluate the situation in conflict zones?

In conflict zones stability is preserved and since we reinforced security measures for our police forces there have been no tragic cases among police officers. However, unfortunately, kidnapping cases of Georgian peaceful population are still common.

Can't wait to ask about the hymn of police

This is not a hymn of police; it's a song which I like very much. I was actively involved in creation of this song

Wasn't music written already?

Yes, but we had to chose the style. I have received musical education and have great sympathy for Georgian musicians. It was my idea to include national songs in this song. I wanted the song to represent all regions of Georgia. Song starts with Guria- Ajarian etudes and continues with fragments from national songs of Georgia.

New song for police is already written and video shooting will start in the near future. If you want you may listen...

-Will the song be performed by you?

Definitely no, I have my conscious... The music video will be about four departments located in four regions of Georgia and about four police employees and their activities. I'm very pleased that first music video is highly approved by people.

I am also aware that first music video is popular in foreign countries and in Russia as well. Majority of viewers think that there are decorations applied in the music video but no such appliances were used during the shooting period and all police officers in the video are the actual employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.