Soso Tsiskarishvili: In any case opposition parties would be defeated

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The international organizations said the self governance local elections were a "step forward" for democracy. But the Georgian experts and politicians believe that nothing ever have changed since last elections. Despite of this the elections were conducted in a quiet environment and results were recognized almost by all parties. Soso Tsiskarishvili, political scientists talked about this with GHN.

- Mr. Soso, after the May 30, local elections one week passed. Opposition was defeated with big percentage difference. Do you think it would be better in case of common oppositional candidate?

- No. The tactics of the opposition actions was not such to win the elections. The common candidate would help, but it was not sufficient for final winning. For this they have to make more aggressive reelections campaign; ultimate mobilization of all resources and to reveal those forces which are falsifying elections and are making them unfair. Instead, the opposition parties in the last days of campaign criticized each other only. On this background Gigi Ugulava factually won the elections without single criticism.

- Was this fact one more factor for his success?

- There were many other components. Before the elections the protest was diminished. The elections were not an ideal one, having not much difference from last one. It does not matter the elections points will be controlled by criminals or "governmental guards". At the same time political parties are more oriented to the winning at elections, but have no idea how to develop after them. And electorate is not informed enough what plans they have in case of winning elections. So, they have to vote for the name of politician having louder slogans, but not for the development program of the country. The society as well is passive one and is concerned only about private interests. In Georgia the pre elections practice developed for creation of political alliances. But without success against "National Movement".

- Is it expected that alliance will be dissolved and forces will be regrouped?

- It will depend upon the type of analysis of its members. It is possible that they will consider they have no internal problems and keep the alliance. I think this would be wrong. But if they would be frank enough, changes will be unavoidable. It is necessary to refresh the alliance and enrich it with new content and quantity as well. In such case, it may happen that larger political union will be created.

- Everything repeats itself and opposition criticizes each other instead of criticizing government. For instance Nino Burjanadze and Alasania are criticizing each other openly...

- This is a question of political inclinations incompatibility. They are living virtually in presidential pre elections campaign when criticizing each other. Taking this into consideration this is an accepted form of critics. But in my point of view this is too early now.

- Criticizing each-other openly Burjanadze and Nogaidely may decrease a rating of each other, this again will be in favor of ruling party...


- To decrease a rating of opponent is a task of every politician, but in the past they were competing with each-other on the question of "elections or riot"; now the question changes and became "a fair elections or early elections". However they do not exclude each other. We have to take into account that in unfair environment it does not matter the elections will be conducted now or one year after.

- Is there a probability of early elections? Is the country ready for this?

- This will be shown by the steps which government will make for fair elections, for improvement of elections environment. Our dear foreign observers, who are periodically arriving in our country and are congratulating us with the steps forward in democracy, have to see as well the stubbornness of our government in not making any steps in improvement of elections environment.

- National Council threatened us with "Bishkekization" in case of falsification of elections. But after the elections they were hidden. Does this mean that Nogaideli is left without Russian upholding?

- I cannot say that Russia ever relied upon Nogaideli. We will see how the events will be developed. Presently the National Council has its internal problems. However if the Conservatives and the People's Party will enter other political union without Nogaideli, they will gain much more in terms of peace.



Tamar Mamukashvili