Mamuka Areashidze: Tourist Season is very for Russian military operations

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Temur Iakobashvili, reintegration Minister commented about the events developed in Kirgizstan. He said, the ethnic cleansing in Osh and Jalalabad is the continuation of the ethnic cleansing which happens in Tskhinvali against Georgians. He said in both cases Russian Federation is guilty. News agency GHN interviewed Mamuka Areshidze, expert in Caucasian questions. He talks about the origin of the dangers in Georgian occupied territories and Kirgizstan.

- Mr. Mamuka, today reintegration Minister said that the events in Kirgizstan are a continuation of ethnic cleansing which was committed against Georgians in S.O., in both cases Russians were guilty. Do you see similarities in these two cases?

- I can't say these are similar cases, but I would say this is a classic: when Russians wish to establish own positions, they are using old practice. This practice is approved since 90-s, this is an ethnic cleansing. It makes a chaos in the country, and after it Russians are entering as mediators and stabilizing of the situation. They are acting in such way many years. This is a proven method. If Iakobashvili did mean the 90-s then this is a right analog. But if he means 2008, then I cannot say I see any similarity in this respect. In the beginning of 90-th in Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan were similar cases. For example so called Turk Meskhets case. This confrontation, which now happens in Kirgizstan Muslims suffered again (so called Turk Meskhets). After them are suffering Uzbeks. This indication of Russian's active participation ion this case is the passive position of Uzbek's president Karimov. For him is not usual to keep such position. Moreover the conflict happens in the territory which according to Karimov belongs to Uzbekistan. This territorial conflict with Kirgizstan exist many years not explicitly. At the same time Russians increased the military contingent around the situation possibly provoked by them.

- Do you think Karimov will be silent for a long period of time?

- I is difficult to say. Today I talked with journalists from Kirgizstan, my colleagues. They are astonished, that the official Tashkent is not undertaking any steps. Except the fact that they are accepting refugees. I could not contact with my colleagues in Tashkent, unfortunately, and I cannot estimate the situation. Man like Karimov will not act in such way, seems like some signals were received from Moscow.

- How will affect the declaration of our State Minister to the relations with provisional government of Kirgizia?

- It is right, Iakobashvili is a State Minister, and his declaration is official one, but this does not mean that this is a Georgian government's official position. It is not likely this will play a decisive role in relations. Here are several facts, for instance when Russian in 90's used such situation. Russia made good use of such situation, ruled the chaos and fortified own military positions. For example, Tajikistan, in which to the present the military division stands.