Kakha Gogolashvili: USA with its strong resources will manage to break Russian’s positions against Georgia

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The Obama-Medvediev meeting was impatiently expected in Georgia. It is over now. However declarations which were made on the Press Conference after the meeting were interpreted differently. In fact Obama and Medvediev agreed that in connection with Georgian question disagreements still exist between Russia and USA. However both sides noted that the above mentioned disagreement will not hinder to the cooperation between these two states. Before the meeting Obama made a statement according to which USA calls Russia to withdraw forces from Georgia and to respect the sovereignty and independence of the country. In connection with different declarations made after Obama-Medvediev meeting GHN intertwined Kakha Gogolashvili, political scientist.

- Mr. Kakha, please make a comment about Obama's declaration in connection with Georgian question after meeting with Dmitri Medvediev. He said Georgian question still remains as a disagreements point in relations with Russian-USA relations...

- It is nearly one year Obama has such position. The relations with Russia as well were characterized in the same manner as it was at the starting of relations reloading campaign. At that time Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama mentioned these disagreements in connection with Georgian question, which are not to be a hindering factor for the cooperation were interests of both parties are common. This was a declaration of Obama.

- Before Obama's declaration there was a stronger statement of USA government, that it expects from Russian Federation to withdraw Forces from Georgian territory.

- Exactly, this is an additional one declaration. It preceded the position of Obama and it stated that Russia has to withdraw Armed Forces from Georgian territory, to respect the sovereignty of the country and its independence. This statement was stronger one then the declaration of Obama during the Press Conference. In general all this showed to us that USA did not recede in this respect and tries to put this question on agenda every time. To not to make an illusion that USA will conform with Georgia loosing territories. Such approach to the question makes us believe that eventually USA, with its powerful resources, will manage to break Russian's positions in connection with Georgia.

- Medvediev declared that the difference in positions in connection with Caucasian conflicts will not be a hindering point to discuss the future plans and new contacts in connection with this question. Does this mean that disagreement with occupied territories in Georgia will remain as empty words, with such attitude to the question of USA and Russia?

- Russian President underlined that there are different view points, as if they raised because of Georgian government, and because of the conflict in August 2008. Medvediev intentionally underlined the year of 2008, to say that the time passed and this problem will be left in the past. The more time will pass the sooner everything will be forgotten. But Obama did not mention any date; he talked in the context of current time. He underlined that the different view points between Russia and USA exist because of current situation, but not because of past facts. This is an example of two different approaches - Russia tries to diminish the problem to the conflict of 2008 August, as if this is an old story which will be cured by the time passing. But Obama and USA underlined that this is a problem of current situation - existence of Russian Forces on Georgian territory - the occupation. The recognition of S.O. and Abkhazia and diplomatic relations with them. The position of USA showed that they wish to resolve the problem in the future; otherwise USA cannot see smooth, all-inclusive relations with Russia. USA, according to Obama will cooperate with Russia in case if this will be advantageous and if the coincidence of positions will be shown. The events will show how far USA and West will keep policy of Georgia's upholding.

- For instance, what question may be blocked by the disagreement with Georgian question in USA-Russia relations?

- Obama talked about innovation policy, about support to Russia for modernization and technological development. These ideas were suggested by Obama to Medvediev. USA has recourses and willingness to help Russia. But this help will not be unconditional. The Georgian question will be one of the conditions which Russia has to fulfill in order to receive support from USA in questions of modernization of technological development. Surely this was not declared directly, but in such context that it was clear enough. Because after the talks about disagreements Obama instantly made attention to other question: we should not only cooperate in decreasing of armament and security issues, but as well we should cooperate in deeper questions, and this declaration was attached exactly to Georgian question. Namely after mentioning Georgia Obama said this. It is clear that these questions are somehow connected with each other.

- Do you think we should expect stronger declarations from Obama in connection with Georgian question?

- Quite a strong declaration was already made by USA; simply they did not consider it useful, from the diplomatic point of view, the question to be declared by Obama privately, as Russian President was a guest in USA. Here strong declarations would be inappropriate for the purposes of Russian president's visit. However the official Washington made quite a strong declaration alongside with this visit.


Davit Qoqoshvili