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Thanks For Everything

Thanks! - this is the main what Mikhail Saakashvili said to the world when taking the floor in the UN Assembly General And what makes us Georgian to surprise once more. Thanks to Russia! - for the war in Georgia! And now it is constructing the "Berlin wall". Thanks for international community for unprecedented support! The special thank to the new administration which continued the course of actions of the old administration. And a great thanks to Opposition
which is a nonesuch luxury in nowadays - the demonstration of the democracy. The speech of the President was like we have had heard this many times before but without the special "Thanks". We have seen once more how we are blind that we are still looking for the signs of the democracy in our country. But seems like President decided to deliver the speech about a democracy from the UN tribune as we did not understand him at home. In the last year form the same tribune the "new wave" of the democracy started, and the second "Rose Revolution" happen and now we are moving forward.

Who did not believe, let them once more to read "We are keeping promises which I give here in the last year in the purposes of development of the democracy". And after that even more interesting phrase followed which makes us to think:" We allowed the 3 month protest action of the opposition in the capital, at the time they closed the main roads. This denotes that we are deeply respecting the freedom of expression. We give the license to TV channels, which are controlled by opposition, to give them the possibility to work outside Georgia." So cheers the opposition?! I thought that the protest actions were for the people who loose all hopes for the future, and that in the country something is wrong, and in economic as well and as well in the
fairness and democracy.

But if we will see to the implications of the speech we will see that - the "god damned" opposition was necessary for this - to say about the 3 month protest action from the UN tribune and the world would know about the victory of the second "Rose Revolution". After this we have the basis to think that opposition is in alliance with Misha.

The same I would like to say about Mamuka Glonti about the journalists with sealed up mouth. But the chief of the TV company "Maestro" already responded to President with his open letter and I will not touch this subject.

All this is good but it may be better if President instead of the mentioning of the "Bloody Russia" and about he murder of Politkovskaya, would remember about own counterparts and after this talk about the standards of a democracy in the other country.
"President touched the most acute themes, and including the Chechnya. I think this was inappropriate, " - Khukhashvili said to the news agency GHN. As well the Politkovskaya's theme was very irritating.

Gia Khukhashvili, political scientist generally agree with the speech of President in
Assembly General. However he considers that the rhetoric of Saakashvili is far from reality. ‘Indeed we are occupied, but in reality the parties are overburdened and are ready to end up the cold war and work together on the common security issues. At this background it is not relevant to talk with the rhetoric of cold war and to return everything in the cold war phase. This is absolutely far from the modern orientation of global politics, " - Khukhashvili said to the news agency GHN commenting the speech of Saakashvili at the UN Assembly General.

But despite of all this Georgia is "winning with peacefulness" and the world ratings are high, level of living, freedom of expression and of course the elections of the Mayor, this all will be directed to the victory.

"Russia wished to extinguish Georgia as country, but a year after the war, Georgia not only stand up but as well it is in the leading positions in the business ratings, " - President said.
But these high rating does not mean anything to the people of lower layers. And the "new wave' of the Georgian democracy more looks like the fish on the beach.

Any Georgian, citizen has to be proud that leader of his country once a year is speaking in such a way all over the world about the achievements and problems in his country. But the feeling of unsatisfaction remains. The fact is that this was a President of the country which lost the territories, in which the oppositional opponents and the Ombudsman has broken its heads. And as well in this country there is a "successful" economy, the frontal face of which is not the hotel "Radisson" and "Kempinski", but elders and children which are hungry, and the patients which have no possibility to buy medicines. But the main is that in UN leader took the floor the mere presidency of him put under suspicion the fact that the hope may die at the very last...

Gocha Mirtskhulava