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Punishment for Sake of Democracy

The Georgian government is suing Burjanadze for the property, which she legalized as own while being on the post of Chairman of Georgian Parliament. A bit earlier most negative side of Burjanadze was her relatives's involvement in corruption - father Anzor Burjanadze and her husband Badri Bitsadze. On this background she was a non corrupted person despite of her family member's reputation. This fact was a big advantage for her image. However opposition has some disagreements towards her on this point.
Mikheil Saakashvili noticed as well suspicious incomes of Zurab Nogaideli. The declaration of President about this followed Nogaideli's activity in direction to opposition.
President did not reveal yet others being still in their offices and still being his followers. The first person of the country - President, revealed two important persons - Parliamentary Chairwoman and Prime Minister in corruptive activity, but he does not take responsibility in that. Before becoming a President he promised however to people about collective responsibility in his team. But the society did not talk about this which demanded his resignation during the spring's protest actions and demanded elections. At the same time Burjanadze and Nogaideli have had a big chance to return to power again and to win elections.
The spring protest actions cancelled in summer without being satisfied with the main demand - the resignation of Saakashvili. No new snap elections were appointed. No social problems were resolved. But nobody even promised to satisfy these problems for which people were protesting.
But the opposition considers that one of the results of the spring protest actions was changes in a rating of political persons. Nino Burjanadze and Irakli Alasania strengthened its positions. The society was ready to uphold one or another. If before 2013 no other political figure will appear, people will be ready to appoint Burjanadze or Alasania despite of everything.

Only 4 years to wait till 2013. This time is enough to resolve problems for society and neutralize the protest mood. For this reasons President started to implement new project - "The dialogue with People". The society has a chance to force Saakashvili to keep his promises. However the success of his team will depend upon the ability of his team members.

4 Years is enough for reappraisal of old political figures and political biographies. Moreover they have no power to make serious changes and are not ready to take a serious responsibility.
4 years are enough to those who were no appeared last 20 years on the political arena to come to politics again and as well for new faces in politics. But yet on the political stage old figures are. Some of them in government, some in opposition. The new reality they made together. Their main activities for the past several years were only PR and promises. This lead to the dissatisfaction among population. The tensions are not resolved. In the autumn new confrontations are expected.
Sopho Abramishvili