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War and Peace in Georgian Tomorrow Was a War

Were the line should be drawn between war and peace - it is not here in Georgia. We are fighting during the peace and our "peace" always followed by the "consequences of war". We never can distinguish between war and peace. We loose a war? So that was a battle only, the war continues till the victory! We won a battle? So this was a war and we gain a victory forever!
We cannot distinguish war and peace, war and battle... and the peace itself we cannot distinguish from peacefulness, as the peacefulness is not followed after the peace, as the peace is not followed after the war, but it "dies".... Why and for what? It is not worthy for answer.
Who determined or developed the rules of war or borders? There is no answer and will not be.
As the peace in our country now is not valuable at all. And the war or imitation of war is priceless.
* * *
The country get tired.
It is a twenty years we were obliged to be boiled in the hell of war, in different regions.
It is 20 years the whole nation, was so mixed and confused...
We were beaten so hard that it is nearly we give up the spirit.
20 years we have a peace and at the same time we wage a war.
It is 20 years that we are constructing a big country. The fundament is in the bog.
But what are we complaining for? If others are building our walls they will subjugate us. And our meaningless peace will be given up.

* * *
Somewhere should be a borderline between the war and peace. A little peace of border. We lost it - the borderline.
We have not boundaries, limits. The governmental logic itself is left without boundaries.
If we have no enemy, so how we can determine who our friends are?
Big countries are willing to broaden its territory. As well wealthy people want to be wealthier. But why the poor are striving for poor life?
Maybe because, that today our being is "nonbeing"... Because we cannot distinguish dream and reality. Because we always are happy when we are defeated. Because the borderline of war and peace is wiped out.