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August 26 of 2008 ??? From Isolation to Reset in Relations

Tbilisi. 25.0809. GHN. Last year, on August 26, commenting the recognition by Dmitry Medvediev, Russian President of occupied territories, Barak Obama, being at that time candidate for Presidency, declared that on the international arena US have to head the UN and other international organizations and to take a responsibility for the delivering of events in the right angle. US as well have to direct the international community in isolation of Russian Federation, for unbecoming actions. This was said by Barak Obama, exactly one year ago.

But nowadays the global economic crisis is on the agenda. As well the nuclear programs of Iran and Northern Korea, Afghanistan and Pakistan with its Taliban, international terrorism and many other questions, were on agenda and instead of "isolation measures" it is better to "reset the relations". And it does not matter that there exist lack of understanding in one question - Georgia and its occupied territories. In Sokhumi and Tskhinvali they are celebrating victory, but Tbilisi gets into difficulties.

About the signing of the document on recognition of independence, Medvediev explained that this happen because Abkhazian and Ossetian people asked the Russian Federation for this. And this step was in accordance to the UN Charter, 1970 Declaration concerning friendly relations between states (international law norms), 1975 Helsinki Act and other international instruments. He said that this is not an easy decision but it is the only way to save the life of people, and Russia calls all other countries to follow the case.

Before this declaration all international community called Russian Federation not to take into consideration the recommendations of Duma and Council of Russian Federation.

The same asked Ilia II, Cathalicos Patriarch of All Georgia: "The recognition of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region is an upholding of secessionism. So that's why the international community has to abstain to this. I am addressing to Dmitri Medvediev, Russian President and to Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister, - the detachment of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia is a very dangerous step; this will lead to the escalation of secessionism in yours country as well and to much bigger problems. Please think about this."

George Bush and Big 7 as well called Russia to fulfill its obligations and not to recognize secessionist regions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that this would be a violation of international law. She believed that Russian President will not do this as this step may lead to the very difficult situation in connection with the question of territorial integrity of Georgia.

After the signing of the recognition document by Medviediev, Kakha Lomaia, ex Security Chief in conversation with the news agency GHN said that "in connection with Georgia this document has no legal force. This decision is void, as on the whole territory of Georgia the sovereignty is defended according to the Georgian Constitution, which is strengthened by international law. But the political consequences for Russian Federation for such action will be very tough."

But in fact consequences for Russian Federation appeared positive. Russia strengthened its relations with NATO, EU and Russia continued to relate in many aspects and what is most important the relations of USA and Russia are not as hard as it was before.
But on the background of positive situation on August 26 of 2008 Chairman of OSCE, Foreign Minister of Finland - Alexander Staut categorically denied the decision of Russian President.

"The fact of recognition breaches the fundamental principles of OSCE. As all member countries of OSCE Russia is obliged to respect the territorial integrity of other countries, "- Staut declared.

Almost all world leaders and international organizations denied this fact and declared that it is contrary to the declarations signed before by Russian Federation. Among them are: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, Condoleezza Rais, US State Secretary, Terry Davis, EC Secretary General, representative of French Foreign Ministry, British Foreign Ministry ("we are not recognizing the independence of these countries), Piter Pauer, EC representative ("our position is fixed in the August 13 declaration of the EC member states Foreign Ministries. We are for the territorial integrity of Georgia"), Italian Foreign Minsiter Franko Frantini, Urmas Paiety, Estonian Foreign Minister, Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Foreign Ministry of Japan, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hop Scheffer ("this is a breach of UN resolution on territorial integrity of Georgia, which is signed by Russian Federation as well."), Luis Maris de Piug, Chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of European Union, David Milliband, Foreign Mistier of UK ("This decision will not work. This decision is contrary to all previous documents which Russia signed before. Moreover while signing this document Russian President did not took into consideration interests of those tens of thousands Georgian refugees who left its homes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia."), UN Secretary General, Pan Gee Moon ("this decision may lead to the instability in the region"), Danish Foreign Minister, US President George Bush, ("We hope Russia will reconsider its irresponsible decision and fulfill its international obligations.").

At the same day on August 26 of 2008 the news agency GHN published the article, where Russian FM's words are cited: "recognition or not recognition of the secessionist regions will dependent upon the behavior of President Saakashvili." He said that Russia will not recognize the regions in case of Saakashvili's resignation. Maybe as well in case, if the Russian occupants would remain in Georgia under the peacekeepers name forever. But Russia could not reach either of these two. Because of this Russia decided to repeat the Cyprus case.

In 1974 Turkey recognized the independence of Cyprus and declared its own occupational army as peacekeepers. But in fact Russia is not interested as much in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as it interested in Georgia at whole. If the international community will not take into consideration this fact then in the nearest future we will get new Russia - totalitarian state. The difference between Turkey and Russia is that Turkey had no resources at that time to restore its empire. But Russia has all necessary instruments in the modern world from GAZPROM to the nuclear weapons.

Officially only Nicaragua recognized the independence of secessionist republics. Officially all world countries are against the breach of territorial integrity of Georgia. But in fact...


Gocha Mirtskhulava